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Google My Business for LOCAL Search Results

Google My Business for LOCAL Search Results is a MUST

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool from Google that helps business owners manage their online presence across the search engine and its growing portfolio of utilities.

Seasoned SEO professionals use GMB listings to leverage a location-based strategy
If you are looking to get more business in your town or city it is important that your Google My Business profile is optimized for you to achieve your goals.

If you perform a Google search for example “pet supplies Cyprus” you will see a map with three listings and an option to see more places. Click below to see the Google My Business results.

This is known as the three pack or map pack and results are based on proximity, relevance and prominence.

Proximity is the distance between the searcher and the business. Relevance is to do with the category of your listing together with the content of your website.

Prominence is based on information that Google has on your business from all over the web and includes things like links, articles or blog posts, reviews and citations which are mentions of your brand or business.

Take a look below to see what we do to get your business noticed!


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Basic Google My Business Setup


€ 125.00

Basic GMB setup includes:

easy setup of listing, listing verification, images upload ,content upload



€ 250.00

Premium GMB setup includes:

Everything in basic package plus premium optimizations including added content, images and GMB posts



€ 490.00

Platinum GMB setup includes:

Everything in basic and premium packages with a professional level of optimizations fit for a company that is serious about ranking!

Here are some great articles to read before setting up your listing or hiring someone to do so:

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    Details for your Google My Business Listing

    Full List of Google My Business Categories

    We’ll be updating this list over time as Google changes its categories, so we’d encourage you to check back on it periodically. As of July 2022 there are 3968 categories.

    You can use the search box above the table to quickly find a category or to see if it’s even an option.

    Google My Business ALL Categories

    Google My Business Categories
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organization
    Aboriginal art gallery
    Abortion clinic
    Abrasives supplier
    Abundant Life church
    Accounting firm
    Accounting school
    Accounting software company
    Acoustical consultant
    Acrobatic diving pool
    Acrylic store
    Acupuncture clinic
    Acupuncture school
    Acura dealer
    Addiction treatment center
    Administrative attorney
    Adoption agency
    Adult day care center
    Adult DVD store
    Adult education school
    Adult entertainment club
    Adult entertainment store
    Adult foster care service
    Adventure sports
    Adventure sports center
    Advertising agency
    Commercial photographer
    Aerated drinks supplier
    Antenna service
    Aerial photographer
    Aerial sports center
    Aero dance class
    Aerobics instructor
    Aeromodel shop
    Aeronautical engineer
    Aerospace company
    Afghani restaurant
    African goods store
    African restaurant
    After school program
    Agenzia Entrate
    Aggregate supplier
    Agistment service
    Agricultural association
    Agricultural cooperative
    Agricultural engineer
    Agricultural high school
    Agricultural machinery manufacturer
    Agricultural organization
    Agricultural product wholesaler
    Agricultural production
    Agricultural service
    Agricultural service supply agency
    Agriculture cooperative
    Agrochemicals supplier
    Aikido club
    Aikido school
    Air compressor repair service
    Air compressor supplier
    Air conditioning contractor
    Air conditioning repair service
    Air conditioning store
    Air conditioning system supplier
    Air duct cleaning service
    Air filter supplier
    Air force base
    Air taxi
    Airbrushing service
    Airbrushing supply store
    Aircraft dealer
    Aircraft maintenance company
    Aircraft manufacturer
    Aircraft rental service
    Aircraft supply store
    Airline ticket agency
    Airport shuttle service
    Airsoft supply store
    Alcohol manufacturer
    Alcohol retail monopoly
    Alcoholic beverage wholesaler
    Alcoholism treatment program
    Alfa Romeo dealer
    Alliance church
    Alsace restaurant
    Alternative fuel station
    Alternative medicine practitioner
    Alternator supplier
    Aluminum supplier
    Aluminum frames supplier
    Aluminum welder