What is Google My Business (GMB)?

Are you wondering what is Google My Business (GMB)?  This post will take a look at that and tell you everything about it!
Despite Google being the center of the internet, most entrepreneurs aren’t aware of Google My Business. Google created a service which entrepreneurs, especially those operating in small and medium-sized businesses can use to rank high in SERPS. Let’s take an in-depth look at GMB and what it can do for your business.

What is GMB?

Google My Business is a type of business listing which businesses can use to rank higher in search result pages. By using this Google product, a company can acquire relevant traffic and gain more recognition.
It can also help a potential customer find your business location, and even source reviews. Therefore, by using GMB, any prospective customer seeking services you offer can find your business easily.Google My Business is a great way to get your business online for free (other than by getting a corporate website or using social media).

Google My Business Is Crucial

GMB is a free local SEO tool that can benefit your business in numerous ways. First, it helps your business website rank higher in SERPS. This is because by creating a business listing for your website, you increase the chances of your business appearing in local search results.

Second, Google My Business offers you several tools that you can use to get more customers. The GMB listing allows you to add all relevant information on your business. Thus, you will be offering information to potential customers while attracting them.

Third, the data analytics you get from Google My Business platform can help you learn more about your customers. In any business, market research is essential, and GMB researches for you. You get to acquire information about the market that you can use to expand your business.

Lastly, Google My Business offers you a chance to respond to customer reviews. Positive reviews will help your business become more visible. On the other hand, negative reviews allow you to respond and showcase your professionalism to target customers.

GMB is A Free Tool for Business

Google realized how much small and medium-sized enterprises were struggling for online presence. These businesses found it hard to rank high in search engines, a struggle that motivated Google to come up with GMB.

Google My Business is a free tool that business owners can use to create an online presence for their business. Using GMB, an entrepreneur can create, verify and edit their Google business listing without worrying much about SEO practices for their website.

Elements of Your Google My Business Listing

In any local SEO strategy for your business, the first step should be claiming and verifying your business. You can do this using GMB listing. Google My Business listing is similar to your company’s footprint in terms of local SEO.

The GMB listing helps grab the attention of prospective customers. Also, it enables the business to compete with other large companies in the area. The Google My Business listing automatically synchronizes with Google Maps. Therefore, offering your potential customer directions to your business location.

Any local qualifying enterprise can use the Google free listing, and add information regarding the business. But how do you determine if your business qualifies?

  1. You must have ownership of the business.
  2. The business must operate in the stipulated hours and be open for any customers who may need your services during these hours.
  3. Your business should sell the product(s) or service(s) in the location provided.
  4. The business must have a physical location.

If your business qualifies, congratulations! Here are the elements you will need to add for your GMB listing;

  • Name– add the name of your business. You will be asked to include the address, content information, working hours, and the category of your business.
  • A verified address– Where do you intend to locate the headquarters for your business? Add the location, and Google will send a postcard containing a code. Once you receive the code, you will enter it, and your business location will be verified. Note that mailboxes and PO Boxes aren’t considered.
  • Website and phone– include contact information that customers can use. Premium-rate phone numbers and links which redirect to landing pages aren’t allowed.
  • Business hours– at what time do you open or close the business? Do you have any special days where the hours change maybe during weekends and holidays?
  • Categories– what is the category of your product or service? Specifying your business category helps customers find accurate results for their search.

Why Your Business Needs To Be On Google

Technology is slowly taking over, as more customers prefer online shopping. Buying things online is easy and convenient for many. Therefore, as a business owner, you need to take your business online. Here are two main reasons why your business needs to be on Google:

  1. Better customer reach

Targeting customers in the past was an overwhelming task. Marketing strategies and personnel were expensive, which made marketing a non-option, especially for small businesses.

Google can help increase your business’s customer reach. It can help you if you would like to appear in local or even international searches. Google has the tools to make potential customers aware of your business.

  1. Increases sales, both online and offline

Unlike before, where businesses had to hunt for customers, it is now the other way round. Customers are finding companies online. However, just because customers are finding you doesn’t mean you don’t have a role to play.

It is essential to understand customer patterns and how they search or engage with your brand. Google can help companies know their customer patterns, and even increase their growth by offering better ways to engage with customers.  In essence, Google My Business will help you increase your online presence tenfold!

I can Setup And Optimize Your Google My Business Listing!

Elements of GMB Optimization

Unfortunately, most business owners add their Google My Business listing, and leave it at that. Unknown to them, Google My Business can also be optimized by routine maintenance, such as regularly updating information. A well-optimized GMB listing should;

  1. Be verified– verification ensures the information you entered about your business is factual. The best way to verify your business is by address verification
  1. Have a complete profile– a successful listing should be 100% complete.
  1. Offer accurate business information– ensure that all the information you provide is relevant and accurate. Should there be any changes to the business, for instance, change in location, be sure to update the information.
  1. Be accurately categorized– sometimes, it could be hard to find a category that suits your product or service. In this case, choose the nearest category in which your business will fit.
  1. Have a brand appearance– adding images and offering accurate information will optimally represent your business. The photos could describe the interior or exterior of your business. It can also be a photo showing you or your team at work, or even showcasing your identity.
  1. Reviews– customers who shop online need to trust your brand, and now you are the best service provider. Luckily GMB offers customers the chance to leave reviews that will appear in the listing. It is essential to respond to reviews, whether positive or negative.


As a small or medium-enterprise business owner, you are looking to minimize your costs, and maximize profit. What better way to do that than by making use of free resources? Google My Business is a free and powerful yet underutilized Google product.

With GMB, you no longer have to worry about hiring an SEO expert for your website.
However, and to be perfectly honest, sometimes it pays to have your GMB listing setup right and to invest in business SEO services.

My article above offers everything you need to know about what is Google My Business and what is GMB.

Full List of Google My Business Categories

We’ll be updating this list over time as Google changes its categories, so we’d encourage you to check back on it periodically. As of July 2022 there are 3968 categories.

You can use the search box above the table to quickly find a category or to see if it’s even an option.

Google My Business ALL Categories

Google My Business Categories
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organization
Aboriginal art gallery
Abortion clinic
Abrasives supplier
Abundant Life church
Accounting firm
Accounting school
Accounting software company
Acoustical consultant
Acrobatic diving pool
Acrylic store
Acupuncture clinic
Acupuncture school
Acura dealer
Addiction treatment center
Administrative attorney
Adoption agency
Adult day care center
Adult DVD store
Adult education school
Adult entertainment club
Adult entertainment store
Adult foster care service
Adventure sports
Adventure sports center
Advertising agency
Commercial photographer
Aerated drinks supplier
Antenna service
Aerial photographer
Aerial sports center
Aero dance class
Aerobics instructor
Aeromodel shop
Aeronautical engineer
Aerospace company
Afghani restaurant
African goods store
African restaurant
After school program
Agenzia Entrate
Aggregate supplier
Agistment service
Agricultural association
Agricultural cooperative
Agricultural engineer
Agricultural high school
Agricultural machinery manufacturer
Agricultural organization
Agricultural product wholesaler
Agricultural production
Agricultural service
Agricultural service supply agency
Agriculture cooperative
Agrochemicals supplier
Aikido club
Aikido school
Air compressor repair service
Air compressor supplier
Air conditioning contractor
Air conditioning repair service
Air conditioning store
Air conditioning system supplier
Air duct cleaning service
Air filter supplier
Air force base
Air taxi
Airbrushing service
Airbrushing supply store
Aircraft dealer
Aircraft maintenance company
Aircraft manufacturer
Aircraft rental service
Aircraft supply store
Airline ticket agency
Airport shuttle service
Airsoft supply store
Alcohol manufacturer
Alcohol retail monopoly
Alcoholic beverage wholesaler
Alcoholism treatment program
Alfa Romeo dealer
Alliance church
Alsace restaurant
Alternative fuel station
Alternative medicine practitioner
Alternator supplier
Aluminum supplier
Aluminum frames supplier
Aluminum welder