I am able to offer remote assistance with your computer problem or query. If you agree to this help procedure you need to download a small client program onto your computer which will allow me to gain remote access to your computer. (Click on the Link Button above)
This program is self-contained, operates only temporarily on your computer, and is required for providing remote assistance over the Internet. When the work is complete you can choose to delete the program, or you can or keep it for re-use at a later time.

Remote assistance is a valuable tool to speed up fault diagnosis. However, not all computer problems can be diagnosed and remedied using remote assistance. I will be able to let you know more after I have checked the problem for myself.

Remote assistance can also be very useful for demonstrating how to do something. I can take control of an application or program on your PC and can demonstrate how to accomplish specific tasks which have previously eluded you.

If you have a problem, or would like assistance, and you are happy for me to take temporary control of your computer, send your request for help to websites(at) stating that you agree to remote assistance. You can then download the TeamViewer client program to your computer desktop.

When you start the program, a TeamViewer QuickSupport window will appear, showing an ID number and Password number which are unique to your support session.

Teamview How To
You will need to communicate this  ID number and password to me via email, wattsapp or other means. I can then take remote control of your computer.
N.B. Before activating this service please close any sensitive or confidential material on your PC screen.

N.B. Depending on the complexity and time involved there might be a small fee payable. I will always let you know before.

Complete Manual for remote control

All details about how to use TeamViewer for remote control

Download the Manual