domain name parking

Do you have a good Domain Name in Mind but do not really yet need a Website for it? If the Domain Name is still available you should “grab” it as fast as possible, because good Domain Names (especially of the .com family) are hard to get these days. Many are just taken by others, some are taken by “Cybersquatters” in the hope they can resell them later at a profit, and some are just not relevant to your business ideas. You can buy a Domain Name and have it parked for free with us until you want to use it with a Website or even resell it again. This way you make sure nobody else can get the Domain Name. Domain Names are not expensive and if you want to secure one for yourself or your Business it is a worthwhile expenditure. If-after a year- you do not renew the Domain Name with the Registrar you can simply let it go and it will become available again to others.A parked domain name means that visitors see a temporary Web page when they enter your domain name in a web browser. You can park your domain name to indicate you are reserving it until you create your website, find a hosting provider, or sell the domain name to a third party.

Contact me to reserve your Name .Parking your Domain Name is Free you only pay the normal Domain Name Registration Fee.