WP Webreserve

WebReserv just developed a new version of its booking calendar. This plugin lets you embed the new booking calendar 2.0 directly in any WORDPRESS PAGE or POST.

WebReserv is a cloud-based booking system. It’s easy to set up and use. With WebReserv, you can take bookings 24/7 and the system can be accessed from your office, your home or on the road. All you need is an Internet connection. WebReserv works for small and medium businesses of almost any industry. It doesn’t matter if your business is a bed and breakfast, a Segway tour or a boat or bicycle rental company. If it is possible to book or reserve your products/services, then WebReserv can help you making the reservation process easier.

WebReserv Booking System Features

Works great with nearly any industry
Supports several calendar formats: Hourly, daily, nightly, fixed/flexible schedule
Automatic emails notifications to the business when bookings are made
Automatic and configurable pending and confirmed emails to your customers
Real time inventory management – when something is booked, it is marked automatically as unavailable
Ability to take reservations for walk-ins/phone/email inquiries using the back office
Convenient all-in-one online reservation management system
Multiple Reports that can be printed or downloaded (availability, revenue, reservation, in-out, etc.)
Support for seasonal products and rates
Set up discount codes
Sell gift cards
Offer additional services or add ons using custom fields
Booking component can be embedded directly on a webpage
Handles several payment methods
Credit Card Capture
Processing Gateways

The installation includes a demo calendar, so you can easily see how it works right away. To configure and use the system for your own bookings, you will need to create and setup a WebReserv account.