How many Megabytes of your Hosting Account do you really use?

Do you really need 10’s of thousands of Megabytes your Hosting Provider is offering you?
I have had quite a few Customers recently you questioned their Hosting Account MB Space.
One Customer had a 10000 MB Hosting Account (and was paying for it) but only had a fairly light WordPress Installation, using about 27 MB!
There was absolutely NO NEED for her to have (and pay) for so much Space.
A bare-bones WordPress Installation uses about 20 MB of Space (so does Joomla).
Add a few Plugins, your Content, Images and/or Videos and you might reach maybe 100 MB. Then, of course you want some spare space plus take Speed into consideration, so maybe you need 500 MB or even 1000 MB but 10000 MB??
Most of my Sites are running on 500 MB or 1000 MB Hosting Accounts and they are priced at currently EUR 60.00 or EUR 76.00 for the Year.
Affordable Hosting with Features you can use.
If you pay more for yearly hosting contact me. To switch Hosting Provider is a simple Process explained more in detail here without Loss of any Content or Downtime.