How to Create Multiple Down Menus for PayPal

Not just the big stores, but even small and independent businesses sell their products on the Internet. If you’re an online vendor selling products or services on your website, PayPal allows you to create payment and sale order menus that can help manage your business transactions.
All you need is a FREE PayPal Account. Click on the Link to set one up now.
Under MERCHANT SERVICES create your PayPal Button or Drop down Menu Code and copy and paste that Code into your Website where you want the Pay Now Button or Drop down Box to show.
Examples of Use could be:
A single PayPal Payment Button for a Single Item or Amount i.e € 50.00
A Multi Drop down Box with various Amounts to choose from i.e. € 50.00 or € 100.00 or € 150.00.
This could be used to ask for a Payment for a Product or Service OR as a Deposit towards a Product or Service Payment.
If you need help implementing this for your Website contact me. I can create the Code for you and add it to your site for a reasonable fee. You just need to have the PayPal Account or Create a new one.