So HOW does it all work? Whats Next?

I will try to explain the Process a little bit here from previously asked questions, but if you have any other queries just CONTACT ME.

The First Thing to do might be to register your Details here [link to register your details] on my Site so I can send you a NO – OBLIGATION Quote.
This will also be useful for eventual later Invoicing, Renewal Notices, Updates etc. The Quote will be made out to the Details you leave there, so if you want a quote made out to your company leave those details or your personal ones.

If you want a new Website there are 3 things to consider or you need.

  • A Domain Name (when registering a domain name you usually NEED to supply nameserver (dns) info i.e. hosting details). If you do not have hosting YET we can park the Name for free.
  • A Hosting Package somewhere to upload your designed Pages or Site to
  • A Website Designed

A Domain Name can be bought on many websites on the internet including our own [link to check availability]

Remember: Our current Offer includes a free Domain Name Registration (.com, .net, .info only) for the first Year.Thereafter the normal Domain Name Renewal Fee applies.

Hosting: There are many Companies offering various Hosting Packages. You can shop around (you can host ANYWHERE even If I design your Website). [link to our own hosting packages]
An explanation of the various Package Details is given there as well. Most popular one is the LS 1 Package. Free Email Accounts, Mysql Database etc are of course all standard features.

Domain Name and Hosting usually need to get renewed yearly but there is no Obligation and if for whatever reason you do not want to carry on the Website or Name it will just lapse on NON Renewal (NON-Payment)

Website Design: This is a once off Fee. Currently around € 150.00, but can vary a bit depending on Features Needed.

Important: The Reason we ask for Pre Payment for some Services such as Domain Name Registration or Hosting Accounts is:
Once a Domain Name has been registered it CANNOT be changed or edited. If you instruct me to register but later change your mind and want

I cannot change the Name and me (or you) own the Domain. To get the new name you would have to purchase it.
Similar, if you made a typing mistake and later realize the Name is spelled wrong, I cannot change it.
I am sitting with a few Domain Names Customers asked me to register (before paying me) and then decided for various reasons they do not want the Name anymore or it.
So PLEASE make sure you have the right spelling of the Name you want to register.

I hope this helps a little bit but please contact me if anything is NOT clear.