How to set up automatic email forwarding

email-forwardingSet up email forwarding: You have set up an email address for a specific purpose. But you don’t want to keep logging into your email account there to check new emails. The solution: have the emails forwarded to an address you use all the time – and it’s that easy.

Having different email accounts helps you keep track of everything. However, it is tedious to log in to all email addresses all the time – even if you have saved the passwords in your browser. Forwarding emails works a little differently with each email provider. Regardless, the first steps are the same for all providers:

You log into the email account you want to forward emails from.
You go to the Settings section: You can usually find it in the upper, right corner. It is marked with a stylized gear.
You select the “Forward emails” topic in the settings.

Quick access to all e-mails important

Today, it is important to process and respond to your emails quickly. With the flood of emails, it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you have set up a separate e-mail address for specific purposes and have these e-mails forwarded to your main address, you can create order. All mails immediately jump to the eye. This way, you immediately know that these emails are important.

You can find numerous free email providers today. Here we present you the forwarding function at three of the most popular providers.

1. Google: forward emails without problems

At Google, you can forward messages from a single email address at a time. Log into your account and go to the settings in the top right corner under your picture or avatar.
Then perform the following steps:

Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.
Now select Add forwarding address.
Enter the address to which the emails should go.
Confirm the process by clicking Next, Continue and OK.

Now you will receive an email on the account to which the messages should be forwarded from Gmail. Here you click on the confirmation link.

Set the handling of original emails

Next, go back to your Gmail account. Refresh the page view and select the “Forward incoming emails” tab in the settings. Here, you now determine what to do with forwarded emails in the original account. Gmail recommends keeping the messages in the inbox. This way you can always refer back to the forwarded messages at the originating location.
2. Outlook: Manage Hotmail addresses

In your Outlook account, go to the settings in the upper right corner. Now an extensive menu with numerous options will open. Now look for the sub-item “Accounts”, where you click on “Forwarding”. With the following clicks they start the forwarding.

Select the option “Start forwarding”.
Now enter the e-mail address to which the messages should be sent from Outlook.
Below the input field for the e-mail address you have the option to keep forwarded e-mails in the original Outlook folder. Place a check mark here if you wish to do so.
Save the changed setting.

3. Double settings

The German thoroughness shows at in the fact that you have to change settings for forwarding e-mails twice here. Nevertheless, forwarding is relatively simple here as well. Log in to your account with the access data.

Now click on the settings in the upper right corner.
At the first settings select the topic “Overview”.
Now a window opens where you select Mailbox Settings. Here you can now see the e-mail forwarding.
Click on the settings for e-mail forwarding and check the box “Activate forwarding”.
Then enter the destination address of your emails.
The last step is to save the activated forwarding.

Shortcoming with The forwarded e-mails do not remain as a copy in the original mailbox. With all free e-mail providers, you can only forward your e-mails from one account to another. Sending to multiple e-mail addresses at the same time is not possible.

Other email providers might look slightly different, but basically all will do the same and serve same Purpose.