Why is my business not appearing on Facebook check-in?

Does this sound familiar?:

Why is it that my business is not appearing on location/check in?I’ve been struggling for weeks now on a few issues I’m having with my business’s Facebook Check In:

I would like my Guests to check in to my Location on Facebook as I see it as a very good marketing strategy. They should be able to check and thus spread the word and increase my visibility.
Checking in almost never works. When checking in, you get to see a popup with addresses nearby, but most of the time my business cannot be found. However, sometimes it DOES get found and you can check in. We’ve used different phones (android, iOS) and computers. No difference. No logic there.


  • Address – Google maps
    Perhaps part of the problem with checking in is related to the way Google maps treats your address.
  • Reviews
    On the review section of the Facebook page try to get some recommendations.
  • GMB-GoogleMyBusiness:
    Do you have a GMB Listing?
  • Facebook Business Page:
    A Facebook Business Page is NOT the same as your Facebook (Personal) Profile. Make sure you set up a Business Page on your Profile.

Do you need help with creating a Facebook Check In Facility for your Establishment? Please contact me! or go directly to Order Page
*Please note that I might need access to your Profile. A verification code might be send to your Phone which you will need to forward to me.

Why is it good for businesses to have people check-in?

1. A check-in provides all the information a potential customer needs including address, ratings, a link to your page and even driving directions if they are using their cell.

2. A check-in is the equivalent of an online review or personal recommendation. If someone uses the check-in function on Facebook when they visit your business, they are telling their social media friends where they are and what they are enjoying.

3. A check-in increases brand awareness. A client, customer or patient checks into a place, posts a pic or shares feelings and suddenly hundreds of friends know about a new doctor, store, restaurant or attraction. And the business is the beneficiary.

4. A check-in is free advertising, a perk businesses lost a long time ago on Facebook. Since the check-in is posted on a personal page and not a business page, there are no boosting fees required for others to see the post.

This easily makes Facebook check-ins one of the most effective ways to encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

If you’re not consistently generating Facebook check-ins at your business, practice or office, you are missing out on a valuable source of marketing

Print a Facebook Check In here Sticker for your Wall.So put up a sign, give people a gentle jog. When all else fails, offer a discount coupon, product sample or raffle ticket. Unlike Yelp, rewarding is permissible.

And the results will be rewarding.