Web design for Craftsmen and Trade Businesses

Professional web design for Craftsmen, Handymen and Trade Businesses is important because your new customers are online. Having your own website is becoming increasingly important, especially for craftsmen. (A Facebook Page alone does not suffice anymore!)

You still don’t have a website for your Trade company or you can hardly be found in Google?
Everyone picks up their mobile phone when looking for a competent tradesman’s business near where they live. Your Trade website should therefore be convincing right from the start so that you can constantly address new customers and employees.

We use well proven CMS (Content Management Systems) for your successful company website. Those are easy to maintain via a password protected admin backend where you will be able to add, edit or delete ANY Content (add new Images or Video, change Text or Prices etc.)
That’s why we professionally design or revise your website according to the latest standards in web development. This is how we get the maximum out of Google and Co. for you.

Optimization for mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.) is particularly important because your customers often use their own cell phones to search.

Professional web design for craftsmen

Is your workshop not yet represented on the internet or is it an outdated website? Then you should act now! The own company website is becoming increasingly important for a craftsman
The days of the yellow pages and telephone directories in paper form are rapidly coming to an end. Your customers of tomorrow are online.
Plumber Websites
Almost everybody uses the Internet to find out about companies and their products and services. More and more potential customers are looking online for a trustworthy and competent tradesman close to where they live. Most of them now use their smartphones for this purpose and have the craftsmen in the vicinity displayed.

Do Craftsmen, Handymen and Trade Businesses need a website?

Craft businesses and solo craftsmen should not be without a website.
Craft businesses can probably survive without a website. Word of good craftsmanship gets around and word of mouth is sure to bring in a lot of inquiries. But why do without the many advantages of a Website?

Even if a customer comes directly from a recommendation, they will search the Internet for a phone number or other means of contact. If you are not easily found here, you may lose a lucrative job. As an online agency, I offer web design in Cyprus and optimization so that your site can be found in the best possible way.

Even the search for employees is now almost completely digital. Your chances increase if potential employees find you on the internet and can get a good impression of you.

Why do Craftsmen, Handymen and Trade Businesses need a website?

If you can’t be found online, then you don’t exist and it’s getting harder and harder.
Life now takes place on the Internet. Your website is your salesperson, advisor and the first point of contact for your potential customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Almost everybody searches for a local business on the internet. Your website constantly advertises for you and brings you new potential customers.
Your company website is a cheap means of advertising and yet it works for you 24/7.
Don’t miss out on the benefits of having your own website!

New Customer Acquisition

Since the days of the Yellow Page and the classic telephone book are over, you will be contacted via the Internet. As a modern business, you need to be found on the internet. Otherwise you will soon lose touch. Your customers almost always reach for their cell phones or use their computers when they are looking for a tradesman around the corner.
How else are they supposed to find someone else. With an attractive design, a description of your services and a meaningful presentation of your references, you can score points with the potential Customer. If you embed your phone number in a prominent place, it will make it easier for them to get in touch. Alternatively, a form and email address are very important. Even direct contact via WhatsApp is possible directly via the website.

A good company website also increases your chances of getting more inquiries via local searches.

Find qualified employees

Thanks to digitization, almost all good job offers are online. Print media have real disadvantages here, as it takes a long time before such a job advertisement is read. Modern Craftsmen, Handymen and Trade Businesses like to use their own website and career networks. With a good website, you ensure reach and arouse the curiosity of new applicants. Above all, they can apply directly to you online. There are several ways to highlight such job requests more clearly.

Image maintenance in the local environment

Correct Image placement and maintenance is a sub-goal in content marketing. Your website can provide you with valuable services and you should not underestimate the influence of your own company website. Prospects and business customers see the company behind you the way you are seen online.

Maintain commercial relationship through the website

Use your web presence to maintain your business relationships. Many Craftsmen, Handymen and Trade Businesses include the materials and suppliers used on their pages.
This advertising enables them to benefit from lucrative discounts or special delivery conditions.

Your competition is one step ahead of you!?

If you don’t have a company website or you have an outdated one, then your competition is actually a big step ahead of you. Craftsmen, Handymen and Trade Businesses in your area are already using this inexpensive advertising space for their own company and are a good step ahead of you. I would be happy to advise you free of charge and help you with the design and programming of a new company website.

Professional company websites for all trades

Your own website is a cheap marketing tool and at the same time available to you 24/7.

So that you can use your time for your core business, I create your Craftsmen, Handymen or Trade Businesses page. Professional websites for craftsmen have now become an important marketing instrument for successful customer acquisition.

Every industry can be represented online:

  • Painter
  • Tiler
  • Roofer
  • Bricklayer
  • Carpenter
  • Window Fitters
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Metal worker
  • Baker
  • Butcher

… just to name a few of the more than 130 crafting professions.

Website and website maintenance from a single source

We know that you as a craftsman do not have the time to take care of your own company website. You don’t have to. I am looking for long-term business partners and therefore comprehensive support is important to me. Above all, you will have more success in the long term and sustainably with a website that is always up-to-date.

Modern website for the craft business

Digitization does not stop at traditional craft businesses. A modern website is an absolute must for a craft business and an integral part of winning new customers and informing existing customers in the region.

A modern website can permanently provide your company with new customers.
A good website can implement these requirements for a craft business.
I create websites for all industries and know exactly what to look out for in your industry. As a web design agency, I specialize in the creation of Craftsmen, Handymen and Trade Businesses websites with WordPress or Joomla and the necessary optimization. Above all, they need to be found locally in Google. The design is certainly very important. If you can be found well in Google, then your website can consistently provide you with new customers. My services include optimization so that you can be found as high as possible in the popular search engines. Websites must also be very usable.
In the digital world there is now a not inconsiderable amount of regulations for websites. As experienced web designers, I implement these regulations for you to the best of our knowledge. Data protection (DSGVO) and the Impressum are just some of the legal requirements.(Generally, an Impressum contains the following information: Name of the website owner, which is usually a business or organizationPhysical address of the website ownerContact information including a telephone number, fax number, and email address)

Get some free Advice today. I advise you comprehensively and go into all relevant criteria in detail. For your regional success, I create a concept for you and offer quick solutions for your needs. Regional companies in the construction sector in particular can save a lot of money on advertising with a good website. You can present yourself well online and always reach your target group. An individual and, above all, professionally designed company website can make you better known in the region and nationwide on the web. So you can address your customers where they are.

What makes a good craftsman page?

In most cases, the customer is looking for your services, references and contact options.
Appealing design is undoubtedly important and should clearly reflect your industry. However, you are wanted for another reason. Therefore, the services you offer and the references are very important. Only if these are appealing and convincing, is the next step looked for a way to make contact.

Services and Skills Offered

This point is particularly important. Your skills and abilities are in demand with customers. He doesn’t look for you because you have a great name, but because you can do something for him or solve a problem.


Publish your projects and achievements on your website. Work done builds trust. If a potential customer lacks confidence in your performance, they will never become your customer. The trade is irrelevant. (A good example is to post BEFORE and AFTER Photos of your Work)

Contact Options

A telephone number must not be missing on your page. Many customers do not want to write a message, but want to make contact immediately. Nevertheless, a contact form or an e-mail address should not be missing. Then the contact can also be made outside of business hours.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

If customers keep asking you the same questions, then publish them on your homepage. In this way you can save time and do not always have to answer the same questions.

Holiday Advice

Inform about upcoming holidays when you will be closed on your website. Then customers will know when NOT to reach you. An automatic holiday return email message will help.


The navigation of your site should be understandable and intuitive. Site visitors must find what they are looking for immediately. Important content should not be hidden. Particularly important sub-pages should be linked from every page.
Since the Internet is not a legal vacuum, you cannot avoid certain mandatory information on the website. This includes the imprint and information on data protection. As soon as you sell something online you have to publish your terms and conditions. If you use purchased photos on your site, then the photo credits must not be missing in the imprint.

We are craftsmen on your behalf

I have been a professional web design provider since 2000 and create professional websites for the self-employed and larger craft businesses. At a reasonable price, with manageable costs, I design your homepage for your company in the best quality. In addition to the design, the right search terms for craft businesses are decisive for the success of your homepage.
According to your ideas, I design your responsive homepage, which is optimally displayed on all devices. You will receive a complete package from me for your tailor-made craftsman website. Simply let me advise you free of charge and get in touch with me today. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. You get everything from a single source. From domain registration to website content to search engine optimization for Google and Co. so that you can be found more easily, I take care of everything.

How much does a website for cost?

A professional website will earn you more than it cost you.
If you ask me, “How much does it cost to build a website?”Then I can’t give you a general answer without knowing what you want. The question would be comparable: “How much does a car cost?”. There are also huge differences. It depends on the brand, size and use. This is analogous to a company website.
The price depends on your wishes, the goals of the website and the hours to be worked. Web design is also a craft.

A good company website does not automatically have to be expensive.
After an initial consultation, I can estimate the cost of your new website. I would be happy to provide you with an individual web design offer.I create professional websites from as little as € 350.00.
A well-functioning website is not possible below this price. Many hours of work are required.

With a good web design and SEO optimization, you will certainly get more inquiries.
If you want to acquire permanent orders and new customers via your website, then effective search engine optimization is necessary. This is time consuming.

I create your new website

Your online success is important to me.
The competition in the trade is fierce. With your website you get a cheap advertising space that works for you 24 hours a day. For your successful way into the digital future I create your perfect Craftsmen, Handymen or Trade Businesses website.