GDPR and Google Analytics

gdpr and google analytics

One aspect of the GDPR is that its no longer allowed to track Google Analytics on a per IP basis (which is what it does by default).
One solution is to “anonimize” the IP before its sends it to their (Google’s) servers. To comply with this you can adjust the built-in Analytics feature ; all IPs will be anonimized per these instructions; httpss://developers.google.com/…/analyticsjs/ip-anonymization) .
If you are concerned about Privacy or your GDPR Status and need Help with implementing this please get in touch.

No More Google

Concerned about Privacy and Online Tracking by the Big Boys on the Internet such as Facebook, Google, Gmail and so on?

Admittedly I also use Google quite often out of sheer convenience but There are a few Alternatives out there.
Instead of using Google Maps for Websites (which do not work anymore anyway UNLESS you provide a Billing Account) you can use these Google Maps Alternatives.

Instead of using Google Chrome you can use these Alternatives.

Instead of using Google Search (which apparently tracks your Searches UNLESS you open a Private Window) you can use these Google Search Alternatives.

Instead of using Google Translate why not try one of these Alternatives which will work same or even better WITHOUT tracking you.

Instead of using Google Passwords you can try one of these Password Creation Alternatives.

Instead of using Google Analytics (a growing number of people are nervous about being tracked and giving the big G too much Info) you can try one of these Alternatives to Google Analytics.

Google Mail (Gmail). Does your email gets from A to B i.e. from you to your destination or does it get from A via G to B i.e. stored or intercepted somewhere BEFORE it gets delivered?? Instead of Gmail etc you can try these privacy minded email programs.

Google Maps Alternatives.

Do you know of any other Program which should be listed here? Please send me details and if suitable I will gladly add it.


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