Pest Control

Pest Control (Website Design)

Pest Control, Schädlingsbekämpfung, Έλεγχος παρασίτων, Schädlingskontrolle No Matter What Language you speak: A well-designed pest control website maximizes your online presence, generates more leads, and sets your pest control service company apart from the competition. A high-quality pest management website also helps your company: Establish credibility. Build your customer base. As a pest control company, […]

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Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Website Design

Beautiful Restaurant Themes Savory! This is the perfect restaurant theme that allows you to show off just about any aspect of your restaurant business, whether it is an Italian restaurant, a barbeque place, a diner, or even a bar, a café,… Savory also lets you display the restaurant menu in a stylish way, share the

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Price Updates

Are your Prices up to date?

Whether you’ve been using a pricing service or manually pricing the items for your jobs, products or services,  over time you’ll begin to notice that some items haven’t been updated for a while. Either those items have been discontinued, rarely used, or just haven’t had time to get the attention they deserve. If you sell

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Paphos Tigers

Sponsorship Websites

Ideal for Sportclubs, Hockeyteams, Rugby Team, Charities in fact ANY Team looking for Sponsorship. It is becoming increasingly difficult for sports clubs to “pull off” larger projects. One hurdle that often seems almost impossible to overcome is the club’s own contribution, without which it is almost impossible to raise external funds. A typical example: A

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