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How to use public Business Directories for YOUR Seo

How to use business directories to increase your real estate website’s (or any other Business) search engine rank

Business directories are a great way to extend your website SEO efforts. We all know that backlinks, good backlinks from trusted sources are a great way to improve your website’s SEO reach.

One way to do this is to have links on other websites that link to yours. (Backlinks)

The source of the other link is very important, what it mean is, if the other website is about food and is linking to your real estate website; search engines will not place much importance to that link.

However if the other website is also about real estate or has real estate content, the backlink is given a much greater rank.

E.g. if the food website has a post about property in the neighborhood and is linking to your real estate website blog post; (because you wrote about a new restaurant in your area that opened, having a tough time, or some reason) the backlink from the food blog to your real estate post about the same restaurant will rank highly in the search engine’s complex ranking system.

Create opportunities for backlinks organically by having a blog on your website that is all about the area’s you work in.

Use both free and paid business directories

There are a lot of business directory type websites that exist on the internet, such as the Yellow Pages which your business may or may not be listed in. If not —list your business— as this is a great start to your backlink strategy.

Never just stop at just one or two, there is another large business directory that you can get your business listed on called On Cyprus that reaches a lot of views per month and has a large real estate section.

There are a lot of free and paid business directories on the internet and you should be investing time and money (for the good ones) in getting your business listed on them.

Backlinks are a very good SEO strategy that you should be applying to your internet strategy.

Some business directories to get started with

Find more Cyprus AND International business directories at to help your SEO.

Search for LOCAL Directories if you primarily want to be found locally in your Area (Plumbers, Electrician, local services etc. etc.) or INTERNATIONAL Directories if you need to be found internationally (Real Estate, Shopping, Tourism, Hotels, Travel etc.etc.)

If you do not have time to list YOUR Business on multiple Directories please contact me for a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE to list on 10, 20, 50 or 100 Directories.
Different Directories will ask for different details, but generally they will ask or list:

  • Name of Business
  • Physical Address (optional)
  • Email Address
  • Website Address (optional)
  • Short Business Description

NOTE: The websites we have linked to in this post have been given a backlink from our site which the search engines will value.