3 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix

If you run your business website on Wix (or are considering it), I’d suggest you go with WordPress instead. WordPress powers 58.9% of all websites, which is more than half of the sites on the Internet! And market-share wise, Wix stands at a measly 0.7%. I know chunking numbers like these doesn’t mean much. But you can clearly see most businesses prefer WordPress. And understandably so, because WordPress is better than Wix (and all its competitors in general!).

I’ve seen a lot of people fall for the whole DIY approach of Wix and its fancy ‘drag&drop’ editor … only to feel boxed in the platform later. Then they switch to WordPress.

WordPress is better than Wix because it gives business owners 3 massive benefits. Benefits that directly translate to better online visibility, improved site performance, and overall scalability. Check out the benefits below and you’ll see for yourself why WordPress is better than Wix for your new website.

1. Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix for SEO

(Improving your business’s online visibility)

When you build a new website, you need to tell search engines like Google and Bing about its launch. This way, they’re able to find even your freshly published sites. Often this includes submitting the new site to these search engines, creating sitemaps, and adding tracking scripts like Google Analytics.

Doing all the above tasks is easy when you use WordPress. In fact, you have full control over most of the content and technical aspects of SEO. And with some help from an SEO expert, you can even ensure that Google shows your site when your potential customers search for your services.

Wix – on the other hand – has no such provisions for SEO. It does have its own SEO program called SEO Wiz, but it comes nowhere close to what WordPress offers.

In addition to the big picture SEO, WordPress also lets you do regular content optimization each time you publish fresh content. For example, with WordPress, you can improve your content on many levels – like using search-engine friendly links, adding the right number of keywords to content, keeping the content reader-friendly, making the images search engine-friendly, and so on.

For such content optimization, again, Wix offers very limited provisions.

2. Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix for Speed And Performance

(Ensuring that your users get a great site experience)

Both users and search engines care about a site’s speed and loading times. I’m not going to get into stats because there are enough of them out there to show how a website’s conversion rate is closely tied to its speed. I do want to talk about factors that influence speed, though. To make a site load fast, you need a variety of things including choosing a good web host, having good code, and optimized images, just to name a few.

WordPress is better than Wix because with WordPress you can choose any premium web hosting provider you want. But with Wix, you HAVE to use the hosting they provide (which is certainly not as fast as you’d like it to be!).

Also, when you hire someone like me to design and develop your website, you can be sure that everything is optimized using current best speed practices.

If you compare this to Wix, you’ll find: Wix is a proprietary software where you can’t touch a line of code. All you can do on your end to keep your site fast is use a few, compressed images. That’s it.

3. Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix for Site Extensions

(Improving your website as your business evolves)

When clients approach me to design and develop their websites, the first thing I do is get to know and understand their business needs. I then use these insights to map out a list of functions their sites need to perform.

Every business website has specific needs which means it must have specific functionalities. The best way to add these functionalities is to use well-supported add-ons. It’s also the best method because custom development from scratch is too time-consuming and costly.

WordPress is better than Wix because you’ve got nearly 50,000 plugins (add-ons) to extend your website. This is in steep contrast with Wix which has just 250+ apps. So, tomorrow if you feel the need to add a Members Area to your website or forum, WordPress will have much better and robust solutions for you than Wix.

Conclusion: WordPress Understands Your Business Needs Better Than Wix

My clients use various marketing tools and services from time to time. And because I use WordPress to build their sites, I’ve never had a single client complain about any integration issues. That’s because WordPress works seamlessly with 1000s of third-party apps/tools/services.

Wix is far behind when it comes to integrations.

Let me give you an example: All business websites should have an email marketing service to build lead lists and nurture their clients. WordPress is better than Wix because WordPress allows you to connect with almost all the leading email marketing services. Wix, however, integrates with just a few select ones. Wix doesn’t even work with MailChimp which is a leading email marketing service!

You get the idea, right?

Still in a Fix? Get some more Info.

When you try to extend or optimize or scale a website built on Wix, you’ll have very limited options. If you still can’t decide if WordPress is the right choice for you, let me know. I’ll be happy to discuss your business needs.