Cleaning Companies Websites

Everyone knows that a professional and clean website is the ultimate recipe for business success, at least online. The cleaning industry is growing in popularity, which has resulted in more themes being produced than ever before. As a result, workers in the service industry have choices when it comes to
picking a stylish web design. The following themes are the best designs money can buy for a relatively small investment. Most of all, we love how creative developers have been with thoroughly expressing the needs of a service-based business.

Don’t get us wrong. Free themes can work and have worked for years. But, it’s that unique professional touch that premium themes bring to the table, that tends to surpass free themes by miles. And as you will recognize in the following roundup of cleaning company themes, sometimes it pays to invest a little into something special and authentic. Whether you want to display work projects or be in charge of website design through a page builder, this is the list of WordPress cleaning themes to keep an eye on if you’re looking to settle for a new

Something to remember about premium themes is that ALL of them include a premium support line. What’s that? Basically, it’s a way for you to communicate with the original designers of your chosen theme. So, whenever a problem arises or something isn’t working, you have a dedicated person to help you identify and resolve the problem for you. Not only is it a time-saving mechanism, but also a money-saving solution because you are able to resolve website issues without the need to hire an external expert.


CarpetServ WordPress Theme

CarpetServ will serve those agencies who appreciate a modern design with a solid user experience. This theme from AncoraThemes is easily one of our favorites in terms of design style and functionality. With a vibrant layout and great features, you can effortlessly use CarpetServ for your cleaning services, maintenance, and janitor-related services business. It’s a gem amongst thousands of premium WordPress themes, so check it out.

In addition to a fully inbuilt modern layout, CarpetServ can be easily customized using Visual Composer. For those who are uninitiated, the VComposer is a top-class page
building plugin which uses a drag and drop interface. Furthermore, CarpetServ includes many ways for you to adjust your theme using WordPress Customizer. So, what else you get in this gem? Most noteworthy is that you can design a professional website without needing to write any code.

Also, the HTML of
CarpetServ is optimized for SEO so naturally your content is friendly to search engine robots. Updates are managed automatically, meaning that any critical updates will be applied to your site instantly. The CarpetServ theme is multilingual with great translation options. Menu’s in CarpetServ support a Mega Menu
layout but also sticky layouts to pin your navigation on scrolling effects.

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MagiClean WordPress Theme

The RubikThemes present MagiClean — a stylish combination of demo pages and shortcode styles which combined make for a balanced theme to be used for a cleaning company. Whether you’re a part of an agency or an individual with specific services, the MagiClean gets the job done! Hope you like the pun. So, what’s so special about MagiClean? As a responsive theme, this beauty looks spectacular on smartphones and other small screen size devices. Furthermore, TheRubikThemes use of performance standards ensures a smooth and fast interaction between your website pages.

Personally, I’m loving how organized is the content on MagiClean demo page. Take for example the Services component. You can list multiple jobs simultaneously using a stylish Tabbed widget, allowing to save you a ton of otherwise wasted design space. And don’t get me started on the effective integration of a Video Advertisement. Which is topped off with a great Parallax integration for even smoother user experience. The MagiClean theme does include Pricing Tables, so your customers can get a quick heads up for how expensive your services are going to be.

Would you prefer for clients to book their reservations directly? Easy. A bookings widget is included which clients can use to send their requests directly to you.

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Cleanco WordPress Theme

Cleanco has grown beautifully over the last three years. deTheme has done numerous crucial and design-changing updates in that time, yet maintain their original demo as an option to use for your cleaning companies website. I’m fairly certain that Cleanco theme has to have the most sophisticated Appoint Form of all the cleaning agency themes you can find. This Make an Appointment form consists of several user-friendly steps. Once completed, clients can send you a request to book their services directly. In the admin panel, you can define your Service Categories, Services, and include specific Employees which would be appropriate for the job.

As you add those details, they become available on the homepage widget. As a result, clients have a much easier time to book their perfect cleaning service. That same form includes a Time Schedule step, and steps for adding personal details, payment information, and a final confirmation. Indeed, this appointment form is very specific to the Cleanco theme and so, in turn, makes it absolutely unique and original. But, that’s just a fraction of what Cleanco brings to the table.

In addition to what we just shared, the Cleanco also includes things like eCommerce and dynamic Mega Menus to ease the navigation experience.

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Etalon is a multipurpose WordPress theme of more than a dozen demos. It suits many professional areas but emphasis its features for the service industry. You will get it with a demo specialized just for cleaning department. Etalon intends to claim its fair position for not respected service professions. It takes a particular reality and provides all the right tools. It is also built on Bootstrap and uses Visual Composer as page builder. Etalon cleaning is meticulously structured to provide staff that can handle different situations. They specialize separating from residential cleaning to offices or even exteriors. Even the estimated time for the task and many details of location are considered.

Etalon has as layout that is flexible and provides tons of extra elements. It has customizable footer widgets, portfolio pages, headers and smooth scrolling. Icons and fonts from well-known plugins are also included. PhotoSwipe Lightbox is also featured to make smooth image transitions. CSS3 animations are available as well as video uploads! Etalon is responsive, adaptable to all screens and browsers. It is retina ready and has great high-resolution quality that makes display on of its highlights. Get your going with the best out there right now! Get Etalon cleaning!

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Max Cleaners

Max Cleaners

We’re getting a distinct “corporate” feel from seeing the Max Cleaners demo. So, as a result, if your cleaning company operates in the corporate sector, this is the one! Despite its label as a “cleaning” theme, the Max Cleaners is suitable for Moving companies, too! In fact, theme authors recommend that you try both sides of the coin. Besides, it’s a bargain if you can purchase one theme for two purposes. Cleaners/agencies who travel long miles to work might as well jump into the moving industry for some extra income.

Max Cleaners is native to responsive design requirements and users get a brilliant user experience on their mobile-sized devices. Furthermore, it’s built with Twitter’s Bootstrap Framework. You know, the best front-end framework in the world! Let us jump into the more content-oriented features.

For example, Max Cleaners gives you the option to use unique and dynamic content elements in your design process. Whether it’s a chart or a graph you’d like to add, all you have to do is open the admin dashboard panel and get creating. Same concept goes for Custom Posts, and Custom Styles that you can build in your free time.

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The Pretty Press theme is the “pretty” version of cleaning service templates. Let the design do all the talking while your team focuses on getting the job done. With a thorough layout and concise alignment of features, the Pretty Press is easily one of the better cleaning company themes that you can choose. Starting with a modern layout which is complemented with features unique to the cleaning service industry. If you want your business to flourish then Pretty Press is a theme worth considering. MW Templates have built a custom appointments calendar through which you can keep up with the latest bookings.

Furthermore, it’s possible to add new events pages through which you can remain consistently engaged with your clientele. Clients who visit your business website for the first time will be able to book an appointment from the homepage instantly. A nice touch if you want to focus on using a website as a means of managing your client bookings. As you are going to learn in the demo preview, the PrettyPress theme handles professionalism rather exceptionally.

Top to bottom, every pixel is placed with accurate precision to manifest a pleasant user experience. Blog style of PrettyPress is absolutely ravishing and provides you as a business owner with an additional medium to use for connecting with your clients and customers.

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