Top Free Anti Virus Tools

Malware has become a lucrative business for cyber-crime organizations. With the advance of technology, malware attacks have become more sophisticated and persistent than ever. Тracking technologies and various forms of spyware are massively employed, enabling cyber criminals to gather information about the type of system they are infecting before the actual infection takes place. Personal and financial information is harvested, aggregated and sold to criminal organizations. Тhe average PC user is left defenseless against organized cyber-crime, aiming at his money and identity.

Knowing how deceitful and dangerous the current malware landscape is, we decided to examine the most budget-friendly method for protection the average users employ massively – free antivirus software.

We have picked and examined 10 of the most popular fee antivirus tools:
…and compared them by:

detection rate speed malicious URL blocking real-time protection overall experience

See for yourself which antivirus tool fits your needs best.



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