When NOT to post to Social Media

Social Media Deadzones

I came across this interesting Article / Chart about Social Media Deadzones, which suggests that it is best NOT to post to Facebook and other Social Media at certain times of the day or night.
Admittedly the Chart refers to Users in the USA but this could well be applied to other geographic locations as well.
It makes sense not to post at certain times, i.e. during the Night when the bulk of your Followers is sleeping, or during Meal time or important Football Matches etc.
So, When IS the best time to post?
Have a look here:

According to this Study, posting to LinkedIn for example is a NO-GO between the Hours of 8 am and 5 pm (your normal working hours). Maybe Users are busy then with other things like work?

And you will have little response to your Postings to Facebook between Midnight and 8 am in the morning.
This Post was written at 04.37 am but scheduled to be posted at 08.10 am to keep in line with the Recommendations above regarding posting times to Facebook and Twitter.
Do you have any personal experiences regarding posting times? Leave your comments below for the benefit of all other Users.