Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search – A Useful Google Tool.

reverse-image-search-using-google-imagesSay, you found a really nice Apartment to rent but it is behind a “PayGate” (meaning you cannot get the Owners Details before registering and paying something to the Listing Service.)
The same Owner might have listed the Apartment on other Sites at same or different Prices with or without Commission added.
You could download and save an Image from the “PayGate” Website and copy it into Google Images or TinEye
If the same Image is listed somewhere else it will show you where.

This Tool is also useful for spotting fake and fraudulent Apartment Listings.
If a Listing for a Rent seems to good to be true, use the Reverse Image Search and if the Image comes up on other Sites with a different Address or other Details you can be sure it is a fraudulent Listing.

Other Uses include:

  • Find Names of Unlabeled Products
  • Find Recipes from Images
  • Hunt down Celebrity Names
  • Spot Fake Social Media Accounts and Posts
  • Track Down Wallpapers and Higher Resolution Originals
  • Find Where Your Own Artwork Is Being Used
  • Identify Plants, Animals, and More

I am sure there are some other uses the Reverse Image Search can be useful for.