QR Code for Restaurant Menus

Restaurant QR Code Menu

A new era of dining in the age of coronavirus (and beyond) is here. Say goodbye to physical menus and say hello to QR Codes!

Below are some inspirations on where you can print your new QR Code menu in your restaurant or bar so that it can be scanned easily by customers.
Or you can  use a free tool like Canva to design your Custom Menu Layout and hand it in to your Printer.  See some free Examples of Restaurant Menus here

Save on printing costs
Menus get shared a lot, which results in wear and tear. Sometimes, drinks spill on them or sauces smeared all over the menu cover. It’s a fact that printing paper menus are actually eating into your profits. But with a PDF QR Code replacing the physical menu, you only have to print the Code onto surfaces where it’s easily accessible such as on the wall of your restaurant, at the window, on the door, or even on the table itself. But what if you have to change the menu?
Easily changeable without reprinting
To change the menu, all you need to do is upload a new file onto the QR Code, without ever reprinting a new QR Code. That’s right, the PDF QR Code is a form of Dynamic QR Code where you can easily replace and edit its content whenever you want. There is absolutely no limit as to how many times you can change the menu in just a few clicks. Now you can finally create a seasonal menu that changes every 3 months to keep customers coming back for more.
Contactless and touchless experience
To keep your customers safe, creating a PDF QR Code for your menu will limit cross-contamination from sharing physical menus. This is in line with WHO’s guideline to stop the spread of COVID-19Restaurant QR Code Menu through objects. A survey also reveals that 65% of restaurant guests will accept no physical menus as a new rule.
Limit interaction to keep your staff safe
Restaurant QR Code MenuIt’s not just the customers you have to take care of, your staff members are also at risk of getting infected as they serve dine-in customers. By adding a QR Code on the table or the wall where it’s easily scanable by your customers, your staff members no longer have to hand in physical menus and explain the specials. You can add as much information as you want about the dishes you offer directly in the PDF QR Code as there are no print limitations.
Update on the fly
How many times have you sold out a dish or no longer offer some specials that are printed on menus? It’s time-consuming and expensive to keep updating your menu. That is why the PDF QR Code is perfect so you can update your menu in real-time. No more saying, “Sorry it’s sold out” to customers!
Attract attention with images
Most restaurants do not add images on their menu because it costs money to print high-quality images on paper. But with the PDF QR Code, you can upload your digital menu with mouth-watering images to keep customers happy. Plus, they get to see and decide based on the images they see to make the ordering process a breeze.
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Our Partner in Printing will be able to print the created QR Code on almost any Surfaces! (Price varies)

Prices and more Info:
Qr Code Basic € 35.00
QR Code Standard € 49.00
QR Code Premium € 149.00