Position Tracking

With position tracking, you can find out exactly where your articles, pages or products rank and where they do not. You will see which positions you have gained and also where you have slipped further down the rankings.
You can also have a weekly report sent to you.
Position Tracking (also called rank tracking or SERP tracking) lets you track a website’s daily rankings for a custom set of target keywords. You can set your targeting to watch any specific geographic location and device type (mobile phone, tablet, or desktop). The tool has many features like tagging, sorting, filtering, and exporting reports, making it easy for marketers to find exactly what they’re looking for in their website’s SEO or PPC performance.

Ability to track any keyword and domain — even those not in the main Semrush database
Track and compare multiple geographic locations or device types in a single project
Featured Snippets report to look for featured snippet opportunities
Easy local SEO tracking and local competitor discovery
Simple PDF reporting to share results with colleagues and clients

Do you need to know WHO or WHEN somebody is searching for “Paphos Property for Sale”?

Why you should use Position Tracking?

No matter what your SEO specialty is, you could do on-page SEO, write content, build links, or run technical audits; chances are you will have to measure the impact of your work on the website’s rankings. This is especially true if your website operates in a local space since Google’s results can change heavily depending on the geolocation.

Plus, as the world of mobile search only continues to grow, you are likely seeing a lot of potential traffic from mobile users. To know where your website stands on mobile and local results, Position Tracking is a must.

As you conduct your campaign, you can use Position Tracking to see how your efforts translate into ranking changes and learn which pages get the most traffic from your target keywords. You will be able to identify your weakest pages that need improvement and monitor your competitor’s rankings from the same place.

To help you keep up with SERP Features in your niche, Position Tracking will identify all the unique SERP Features found on the SERPs for your keywords. We also offer a report that shows your website’s opportunities to go after Featured Snippets.

The daily updates and weekly email reports will make it easy for you to prioritize work as you reach your goals promptly. Semrush makes it easy to generate data exports and clean PDFs to report your progress directly to clients if you serve clients.

Position Tracking Reports and Features

The following Reports AND Features are available:

  • Configuring Position Tracking
  • Landscape Report
  • Overview Report
  • Rankings Distribution Report
  • Tags Report
  • Pages Report
  • Cannibalization Report (paid)
  • Competitors Discovery Report
  • Devices & Locations Report (paid)
  • Featured Snippets Report

Position Tracking Reports can be emailed to me as administrator (and forwarded to you) OR to a specially created email Address on your Domain Name such as “positionrankingreport@yourdomain.com”
To set up Position Tracking for your Website, contact me.