Keywords-Where and how best to use them.

Best place to put keyword

Where your keywords are placed on a page is very important. For example, in most search engines, placing the keywords in the Title of the page or in the Heading tags will give it more relevancy. On some search engines, placing keywords in the link text, the part that is underlined on the screen in a browser, can add more relevancy to those words.

Top place to put keyword

  • Keywords in the <title> </title>tag(s).
  • Keywords in the <meta name=”description”>
  • Keywords in the <meta name=”keyword”>
  • Keywords in <h1> or other headline tags.
  • Keywords in the <a href=””>keywords</a> link tags.
  • Keywords in the body copy.
  • Keywords in alt tags.
  • Keywords in <!– insert comments here> comments tags.
  • Keywords contained in the URL or site address, e.g.,

Title tags

Used to define the title for the page that will be displayed in the title bar of the web browser while accessing the page. It must be inside of <head> </head> tag. The Title tag is the best place for your keyword.

Several points for a well optimizing title tag.

  • A title tag should be 50 to 60 characters
  • Put your most important keyword.
  • Avoid duplicate contents to put as a keyword

H1 Tag

The H1 tag is a most important place to put you keyword within your Article. You can use multiple H1 tags.

Meta Tag

The Meta Tag is also a good place to put your keyword. Meta Tags must be used within <head></head> tag.


<meta name="description" content="Online tutorial for html" />


<meta name="Keyword" content="html" />

Image Name and alt tag

Images are often a valuable addition to your website. It is important to give the Images relevant Names AND alt Tags. For example: Some Users just upload Images from their Camera with Names such as DSC1010.jpg. That name does not say nor mean anything to both Users and Search Engines. A better name would be “front-view-of-luxury-larnaca-apartment.jpg”.
(Do not use spaces, if the Image Name MUST have spaces, use either underscores or hyphens to connect the words.)
Search engines cannot read your images so you need to give relevant titles and alt attributes for images which make sense. If you do not provide alt tags the file name of the Image will be shown.
Always put keyword at the place of alt attribute.