Irfanview Image Editor and Optimizer

Irfanview one of my favorite Image Editing Tools-and FREE it is too!

Irfanview Color CorrectionIt is designed to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.

IrfanView seeks to create unique, new and interesting features, unlike some other graphic viewers, whose whole “creativity” is based on feature cloning, stealing of ideas and whole dialogs from ACDSee and/or IrfanView! (for example: XnView has been stealing/cloning features and whole dialogs from IrfanView, for 10+ years).

IrfanView was the first Windows graphic viewer worldwide with Multiple (animated) GIF support. One of the first graphic viewers worldwide with Multipage TIF support. The first graphic viewer worldwide with Multiple ICO support.
Depending on your Version of Windows (32 bit or 64 bit) you can download Irfanview from here.
Irfanview for 32 Bit Computers
Irfanview for 64 Bit Computers
If you do NOT know which Version your Computer is running click this link to find out how to determine if your Computer is 32 bit or 64 bit
Irfanview has a lot of additional free Plugins you can install and add One of the most used one is
RIOTallows IrfanView to save optimized JPG/GIF/PNG files (RIOT – Radical Image Optimization Tool)

A full(Impressive)List of Available Plugins for IrfanviewIrfanview Thumbs Export

Available PlugIns and current versions:

    • AltaLux – (version 1.08): allows IrfanView to use AltaLux image effect
    • AWD – (version allows IrfanView to read Artweaver files
    • B3D – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read BodyPaint 3D files
    • BabaCAD4Image – (version 1.3): allows IrfanView to to read DXF and DWG CAD files
    • BURNING – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to burn slideshow to a CD/DVD/BD (Windows XP SP3 or later required)
    • BURNINGOLD – (version 4.36): allows IrfanView (32-bit) to burn slideshow to a CD (Windows XP or later required, Nero option can burn Data DVD and VCD)
    • CADImage – (version allows IrfanView to read DXF/DWG/HPGL/CGM/SVG files (Shareware, third party plugin)
      Newest 32-bit versions under:
      , newest 64-bit versions:
    • CRW – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read Canon CRW/CR2 files (high resolution image version)Note:this PlugIn requires additional Canon DLLs. You can download these DLLs with the Canon ZoomBrowser program: or try here: (check “Readme.txt” for instructions and install!)
    • DICOM – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read Dicom formats (DCM, ACR, IMA)
    • DJVU – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read DJVU format
    • ECW – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read/write ECW files (Enhanced Compressed Wavelet)
    • EFFECTS – (version 4.51): contains image effects and allows IrfanView to load Adobe Photoshop 8BF filtersNote:some nice (fixed menu) Adobe 8BF Plugins/effects can be downloaded/installed from: (Installer) or older/special 8BFs may require additional system DLLs: Msvcrt10.dll and/or Plugin.dll. You can download these DLLs here: (check “Readme.txt” for instructions and install!)
    • EMAIL – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to send images as emails
    • EXR – (version 4.22): allows IrfanView to read EXR files
    • FACEDETECT – (version 2.00): allows IrfanView to use the Face Detection feature from Thumbnails windowIf you have a modern graphic card which can be used for additional calculations, you can try the GPU version of the plugin:
    • FILM_SIMULATION – (version allows IrfanView to apply some Film Simulation effectsNote:this PlugIn needs additional CLUT files, download/install from:
    • FILTER_FACTORY – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to use Filter Factory 8BF files (Photoshop PlugIns)
    • FLASH – (version allows IrfanView to read Flash/Shockwave/FLV format
    • FORMATS – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to read some rare image formats(formats: PSP, G3, RAS, IFF/LBM, BioRAD, Mosaic, XBM, XPM, GEM-IMG, SGI, RLE, WBMP, TTF, FITS, PIC, HDR, MAG, WAD, WAL, DNG, EEF, NEF, ORF, RAF, MRW, DCR, SRF/ARW, PEF, X3F, CAM, SFW, YUV, PVR, SIF and old/retro formats from Amiga, Atari, C64, ZX Spectrum etc.)
    • FPX – (version 4.48): allows IrfanView to read FlashPix files
    • FTP – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to transfer files from Thumbnails window using FTP
    • FILTERS_UNLIMITED – (version 3.20): allows IrfanView (32-bit) to use Filters Unlimited files (Photoshop PlugIns and filters)
    • HDP – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read Jpeg-XR/HDP/WDP (Microsoft HD Photo) files
    • ICONS – (version 4.30): additional icons for IrfanView file associations
    • ICS – (version 4.45): allows IrfanView to read ICS files (Image Cytometry Standard)
    • IMPDF – (version 0.90): allows IrfanView (32-bit) to write PDF files (Portable Document Format)
    • IMPDN – (version 1.16): allows IrfanView to read PDN files (Paint.NET File Format)
    • IMXCF – (version 1.10): allows IrfanView to read XCF files (GIMP File Format)
    • IRFANVIEW_SANDBOX – (version allows IrfanView to use JewelScript Effects/Filters
    • IV_PLAYER – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to play video/sound/audio-cd files using Windows Media Player
    • JPEG2000 – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read/write JPEG 2000 files
    • JPEG_LS – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read/write JPEG-LS files
    • JPG_TRANSFORM – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to support lossless JPG operations (rotation/crop/cleaning, EXIF date editing, EXIF thumb update)
    • JPM – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read/write JPM files
    • KDC – (version 1.54): allows IrfanView to read Kodak Digital Camera files
    • LCMS – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to use color management
    • MED – (version 3.31): allows IrfanView (32-bit) to play MED/OctaMED audio files
    • METADATA – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to handle EXIF/IPTC/Comment information from compatible files
    • MNG – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to read/play MNG/JNG files
    • MP3 – (version 4.45): allows IrfanView to play MP3/MP2/MP1 files
    • MRC – (version 3.70): allows IrfanView (32-bit) to read MRC files
    • MR-SID – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read LizardTech’s SID filesNote:this PlugIn needs additional DLLs, download/install from: (Installer) or
    • NERO – (version 4.20): allows IrfanView (32-bit) to burn slideshow to data or Video CD, using Nero Burning ROM software
    • OCR_KADMOS – (version 4.4y): adds OCR features to IrfanView PlugIn download:

      Note: the OCR PlugIn works only with IrfanView 32-bit.
    • PAINT – (version allows IrfanView to to paint lines, circles, arrows, straighten image etc.
    • PDF – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read/save PDF files (Portable Document Format)
    • PHOTO-CD – (version 3.00): allows IrfanView to read Kodak PCD files (high resolutions)
    • PNGOUT – (version Jan 18 2006): this PlugIn (32-bit only) allows optimized PNG saving
    • POSTSCRIPT – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to read EPS/PS/PDF files (using Ghostscript, take the 32-bit (!) EXE installer, like “gs921w32.exe”) or Ghostscript 64-bit for IrfanView 64-bit (like “gs921w64.exe”).
    • QUICKTIME – (version 4.28): allows IrfanView to play/read Apple Quicktime files
    • REAL-AUDIO – (version 3.37): allows IrfanView (32-bit) to play Real-Audio RA files
    • REGIONCAPTURE – (version 2.4.0): allows IrfanView to capture a rectangle area of the screen
    • RIOT – (version allows IrfanView to save optimized JPG/GIF/PNG files (RIOT – Radical Image Optimization Tool)The basic PlugIn version will be installed with IrfanView PlugIns.
    • SFF – (version 4.50): allows IrfanView to read SFF (Structured Fax) Files
    • SLIDESHOW – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to create presentations in EXE or SCR format (standalone executable/screen saver)
    • SOUND_PLAYER – (version 4.39): allows IrfanView to play OGG files (Ogg Vorbis)
    • TOOLS – (version 4.51): contains some additional functions/features for IrfanView
    • VIDEO – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to play many video/sound formats
    • VTF – (version 3.99): allows IrfanView (32-bit) to VTF (Valve Texture) files
    • WBZ – (version 1.01): allows IrfanView to read WebShots (WBZ/WBC/WB1) files
    • WEBP – (version 4.51): allows IrfanView to read/write WEBP (Weppy Format) files
    • WSQ – (version 2008.12.16): allows IrfanView to WSQ (Wavelet Scaler Quantization) files

More amazing IrfanView features:

    • 32 and 64 bit version
    • Many supported file formats
    • Multi language support
    • Unicode support
    • Thumbnail/preview option
    • Paint option – to draw lines, circles, arrows, straighten image etc.
    • Toolbar skins option
    • Lossless JPG rotation, crop and EXIF date change (also in batch mode)
    • Slideshow (save slideshow as EXE/SCR or burn it to CD)
    • Show EXIF/IPTC/Comment text in Slideshow/Fullscreen etc.
    • Support for Adobe Photoshop Filters
    • Fast directory view (moving through directory)
    • Batch conversion (with advanced image processing of all files)
    • Multipage TIF editing
    • File search
    • Email option
    • Multimedia player
    • Print option
    • Support for embedded color profiles in JPG/TIF files
    • Change color depth
    • Scan (batch scan) support
    • Cut/crop
    • Add overlay text/image (watermark)
    • IPTC editing
    • Effects (Sharpen, Blur, Adobe 8BF, Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited, etc.)
    • Screen Capturing
    • Extract icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs
    • Shell Extension PlugIn
    • Many hotkeys
    • Many command line options
    • Many PlugIns
    • Only one EXE-File, no DLLs, no Shareware messages like “I Agree” or “Evaluation expired”
    • No registry changes without user action/permission!
    • and much much more

    Do you need help optimizing YOUR Images online? I have Irfanview installed on my machine and can optimize your Images for Webuse i.e. faster Page Loading Time,smaller Filesizes etc.Contact me with Details