Increase your Website Conversion Rate by 40% (or more)

Spreading the word with Sharing Buttons.

If you are familiar with AddThis Share Buttons (many Websites have these free tools already installed) either as a floating Sidebar or underneath Articles and Pages.
Using the data from these Share Buttons, you are able to learn more about the sharing patterns of the site’s visitors, such as what articles are most interesting to them, and what social networks they use most frequently for sharing. These insights can help determine the content strategy for your websites monthly newsletter.(if you have one OR generally learn more about your Visitors.)

The Challenge: Increasing Website Conversion Rates.

Being more visible on social media helps drive more potential customers to the website, but the next challenge is to encourage visitor to provide and update their contact information. Sometimes neither a static reminder on the website nor traditional email outreach does not work well.You need a better way to encourage visitors to update their contact details.

The Solution: Promote A Giveaway with AddThis Audience Targeting Tools.

Familiar with AddThis, you can enable AddThis Audience Targeting tools on your website. Specifically, the Audience Targeting bar and overlay to promote a chance for visitors to win a free gift in exchange for updating their contact details.
Gift Examples could be:

  • A Restaurant Meal
  • A % Discount on a Meal
  • A fixed Discount on a specific Item you are selling
  • A Promo T-Shirt
  • A Free lesson
  • Buy 1 get 1 Free

and so on.
Whatever you are selling or promoting already can be turned into a Giveaway as an Incentive for your Website Customers to share your content or join your Mailing List.
The Possibilities are ENDLESS!
These AddThis Tools are free to install if you have the technical know-how or patience to do that.
If not and you would rather have it installed by me for a small fee, please contact me.