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Is the Spam messing your reports in Google Analytics?

I can apply Filters and clean historical Data.
I’ll set up everything you need to stop and clean the spam from your reports
Referrer or Ghost Spam are domains in your Analytics referral traffic which are added there by spam bots and not by people visiting your site via a click on a third party website. Though this traffic is not harmful, it does pollute your Analytics data and your statistics. Below you see an example of those domains.

example of spam referrers in google analytics
Example of Spam Referrers in Google Analytics

What IS Google Analytics Ghost Spam?? Read More Here.
Basic service – perfect if you just want the job done and do not need details

  • This filter is specially designed for your site, and will prevent all ghost spam
  • Advanced Filter to Stop all Ghost Spam
  • This filter will take care of all known Crawler Spam like ranking-analytics
  • Filter to Stop Crawler Spam
  • The advanced segment will allow you to see spam-free reports from data affected by spam
  • Cleaning of Historical Data
  • I’ll check that your account use the Recommended Settings and follow Best Practices to ensure that only valid traffic is passing
  • Review of other recommended settings
  • Detailed Report

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