Competitor Monitoring

What is Competitor Monitoring?

Competitor Monitoring is just a fancy way to describe the process of checking out what your competitors are doing, or not doing, and using that information to your advantage. Observing your competitors’ marketing strategies is a great way to measure their strengths and weaknesses and gain insight into your own.
The first step into developing a solid competitive analysis strategy is determining who your main competitors are. After you’ve established who they are, you can begin to monitor and analyze.

With Competitor Monitoring, you can track how well your website compares against your competitors in general SEO terms. The data includes the number of indexed pages, the number of inbound links, and the various Ratings.
Competitor Monitoring usually runs for 6 Month by which time you should have a fairly good understanding of your Competitors Advantages or Dis Advantages.
You will get a Month End Report (6) to draw your Attention to the various Differences between your and your competitors website.
The Monitoring Duration can be extended beyond the initial 6 Months Period with a 50% Discount.
Please note that the Competitor Analysis is a Report only. You can act on the Findings or ask us to act on them

Just one of the Reports we use (amongst others)
Website Comparisons

A website is the backbone of your digital presence, and it’s critical to out-optimize your competition, particularly in an era where mobile optimization is so important. Competitive marketing analysis of key websites should include a look at the following factors:

  • Number of Pages: Do your competitors offer a wide array of landing pages, detailed information on pricing, and an about-us page?
  • Navigation: Is the website easy-to-use? Was your competition able to match the user-experience to your buyer persona’s level of savvy?
  • Social Integration: Are social media follow buttons included on site pages? Are there opportunities to share content or landing pages?
  • Load Times: Does the website load quickly in all browsers, and on mobile-enabled devices?