Company Websites

Company Websites

Today, no successful company can do without an internet presence. How do you set yourself apart from the competition with a good business website?
There is no industry today that can do without online marketing measures. Those who are not listed on the Internet will quickly be left behind by the competition. This is where potential customers are looking for products and services. The internet is the right platform to attract the attention of interested parties. However, a company website can only meet expectations if it is well planned and structured. Do you want to optimize your existing website or are you planning to create a new company website? Then read here which elements and features you  really should incorporate to set yourself apart from the competition.

Website for companies: You can’t do without it!

The fact that companies without a website will no longer be competitive in the long term was already proven in 2015 by a representative survey by the consumer research institute GfK Online. Even back then, more than 90 percent of those surveyed stated that they always first looked for offers for products and services on the Internet.
Only with a good company website can you still meet the needs of your customers today. You can’t do without it anymore.

Website for companies: How it works.

Before you start the actual web design, you should answer a few important questions:

1.) Planning comes before web design.First, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and ask: why would  he or she choose to buy my product or service instead of buying from the competition? To answer this question, you must first identify your target audience. And then you write your company website precisely for this clearly defined target group. Because clarity is the top priority in online marketing. If you want to address everyone, you won’t reach anyone.

2.) As an entrepreneur, you naturally value your product or service. Because you know your offer inside out. Unlike your potential customers. They are not interested in the product or service per se, but rather in the resulting solution. You don’t buy a pill just because of its name or because it’s so pretty pink. But because you need something for a headache at this moment. So ask how you can solve the problems of your target group here and now with your offer and how you can serve their needs.

3.) Most users do not search the Internet because it’s so much fun, but because they look for something specific. They need something. The more accurate you present your offer and the more entertaining you present content, the longer and more likely an interested customer will stay on your website. Don’t overload your company website with gadgets. (music, flashy signs etc.) Because the entertainment value is secondary, the user came because he needs information, a product or service. It has to be quick and easy to find. Offers such as free downloads or a bonus for newsletter subscribers arouse curiosity and combine fun with usefulness.

4.) Of course, the all-important question arises on every website for companies: How do I show my customers in the best possible way my services or products? Because the text passages are the heart of the homepage. (think Google and co indexing)
Here it is important that the content is short and to the point. Important information must be brought to the point in such a way that the reader can understand it quickly and easily. The user only wants to find out what he absolutely needs to know in order to fulfill his needs. Images that complement the text in a meaningful way are used for illustration purposes. Photos should also be nice to look at, but the added value should also be the focus of interest here.

5.) The next question is: What are my potential customers looking for and how do they find it? The search function should therefore not be missing on any website for companies. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer again. Without a search function, he has to click through the website until he finds what he is looking for. Wouldn’t you rather type in a search term and land exactly where you wanted to go? Even with manageable content, this way leads to the goal faster in any case.
Business owners who want to design a new website without any prior knowledge should seek advice from an experienced web designer. This is especially true when it comes to setting up an online shop. (e-commerce) You can create simple pages yourself with a little experience and a suitable website construction kit, but a comprehensive shop project is clearly better off in the hands of an expert.

Search engine optimization: So that you can be found.

The keyword search engine optimization should not only be considered in content management, certain on-page measures should also be taken into account. In addition, back-links are important for ranking on Google & Co. So, make the effort to place some relevant links on your business website. Talk to customers and suppliers about back-links, in this case both partners can benefit from a link. It is also worth making entries in directories that fit your offer regionally or are in the same product or service category. However, please always pay attention to the relevance and never acquire randomly. Google wouldn’t appreciate that and can even penalize your website.

The topic is also relevant for the search engine ranking. For each feature, you should provide a separate page that links to specific search terms. This not only makes it easier for your users to search for content, but is also rated positively by Google and Bing.

The website for companies as a marketing tool

Visitors come to your business website for one reason: They are looking for something specific. The first thing to do is to get the customer’s attention. Whether the user then stays on the site for a longer period of time, whether he breaks off the customer journey halfway and whether he ultimately makes a purchase decision – these are the important questions.

responsive design

Modern Internet users require websites to be clearly displayed on every imaginable end device. A website for companies must therefore also be optimized for display on the limited smartphone screen.


Users expect short loading times, most visitors say goodbye after just three seconds if the desired content has not appeared by then. A clear presentation helps the user to find the content they are looking for, the operation of the homepage must be simple and comprehensible. Lead your customers to their goal with buttons, links, downloads and similar interactions.


Make full use of the communication possibilities of your website for companies and get in direct contact with your visitors. If you give your customers the opportunity to ask questions, you will learn a lot about your target group that might otherwise have remained hidden from you. Fast response times create a positive atmosphere in the interaction between the provider and its customers. The social media integration also opens up completely new dimensions of direct contact with interested parties.

online marketing

Social media also play a major role in this topic. They offer you numerous opportunities to draw attention to yourself with campaigns or postings. With a blog you can provide your customers with in-depth information on specific topics. On a regular and up-to-date basis.

legal compliance

In order to make your homepage legally compliant, you should definitely inquire about the special requirements for your industry. Above all, the imprint, the GDPR and the provider identification must be correctly displayed. Legal protection is even more important for operators of online shops.

Website for companies: Control is better

Don’t leave the success of your website to chance. Because a company website is always a long-term project. Recurring updates are an absolute must for website owners who want to generate traffic and then keep it. But will the updated content be read? Who clicks when and where? How can the existing company website be improved? Is the conversion rate still correct? You can answer all these questions with adequate tools that constantly monitor your company website.

Such tracking tools ensure constant monitoring of success. This allows you to react immediately to any change and identify adjustments where there are still opportunities for optimization. So stay tuned.
Matomo A Google Analytics alternative that protects your data and your customers’ privacy.


The fact that a company can no longer do without an Internet presence is undisputed. In the digital age, nobody can achieve success offline anymore. Online success, in turn, depends on the structured planning and professional design of the website for companies. Business owners often fail with extensive homepage projects, so if in doubt, inexperienced people should rather turn to a good web designer or an industry-specific agency. Such experts know exactly what questions to ask you before designing your website. Above all, it should be ensured from the outset that the focus is on the target group. Align your content with the needs of your potential customers and create your website concept from their point of view. In order for your internet presence to really become a successful project, you must also consider important aspects such as search engine optimization, usability, online marketing or tracking. A website for companies must therefore be well planned and carefully structured. Then it can become one of the cornerstones of your company’s success.

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