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Car Rental

Car Rental is a high quality WordPress theme for those who wish to construct an amazing car rental website. The layout is streamlined and intuitive, as this product promises to bring more people to your site. Your color choices are not limited, allowing you to design a page that matches your vision. Car Rental also includes some awesome extensions such as analytics, SEO, Page Builder and Backup. These can expand any site’s capabilities, improving its general performance. Due to the SEO extension, you can now obtain a better spot on search engine rankings. This will surely increase your popularity
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BeTheme is a WordPress product that never fails to impress. Its developers claim it as their Magnum Opus, and it’s easy to see why. This theme incorporates a powerful Options Panel, allowing users to edit every single element of their site. Customization is not only possible, it is encouraged. Your car rental website will surely turn some heads.
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In order to give you the best chance of success, Bridge was optimized for search engines. This will guarantee better exposure, as you will obtain a higher position on search engine rankings. If you wish to learn more about Bridge, you can easily access the theme documentation source. It contains relevant information regarding the product’s features, and it can guide you through the installation process.

Customizable Google maps can point potential customers in your direction, making it easier to find any car rental service. Retina support is offered, and site content will look amazing on high resolution Retina displays. Page administrators are given complete control over post typography, as they can select from a large roster of available fonts. Most options can be changed from the Admin Panel, which remains highly intuitive and easy to navigate, despite its power.
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