If you do business in Europe and need to comply with EU cookie laws

If your business has a presence in Europe, then you’ll need to adjust your privacy policy to comply with their eu cookie laws. The European Union (EU) has mandated that member countries to create laws that require websites to gain consent from end users prior to storing data on a website visitor’s computer. These regulations are designed to help your website visitors protect their privacy and determine how their behaviors online are used by others.

What it Means For your Business

If you own a website, you will need to make sure it complies with the law, and this usually means making some changes.

If you don’t comply you risk enforcement action from regulators, which in the UK means The Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO). In exceptional cases this can mean a fine.

However, non-compliance could also have other, perhaps more serious consequences than enforcement. There is plenty of evidence that consumers avoid engaging with websites where they believe their privacy is at risk, and there is a general low level of trust about web tracking by the use of cookies.

Contact me if you need help implementing this and stay compliant.