Body Corporate Website (Residents Association)

What is a body corporate and what do they do?

A body corporate – or owners’ corporation or residents association, as it’s more commonly known – brings together all the individual owners within a single property (multi apartment block, residential complexes or similar).

The body corporate manages shared expenses, decides how common areas, like gardens and lobbies, are maintained and deals with issues between owners, like noise and parking.

A body corporate makes the decisions for how they want the common grounds of the property to be maintained.

They also manage all the outgoing expenses for the maintenance of the building.

It’s responsible for things like car parks, driveways, entrances, lifts and lobbies, pools, shared courtyards and gardens.

Ideally the Body Corporate Website will be  accessible to all, where all Members or Committee Members of the Body Corporate are listed, Rules and Regulations are published, Events are announced (such as annual Meetings etc.), the Constitution is available to view and generally serve as a focal Point of Information for all Residents.

If your block of Flats or residential complex does not yet have a Body Corporate Website and you need help setting one up, please contact me.
You will need:
1. A Domain Name
2. A Hosting Account to upload and host your Website on
3. A Website Designed


  • Secure, Password Protected Page
  • Ultimate Member Login System
  • Searchable Committee Directory
  • Ninja Forms Stylized Customizable Contact Forms
  • User-Friendly Admin for Quick and Easy Updates
  • Site Speed Optimized
  • Private Document Pages
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Secure SSL Encryption
  • Customizable Header with Logo