Airbnb hosts are building their own direct booking websites!

  • Short-term rental hosts are launching their own direct-booking websites in an effort to diversify their business after years of mounting frustrations with companies such as Airbnb.
  • Some hosts are building their own booking services. Others are banding together to form new, host-friendly services in an effort to wrest power away from Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway and in the short-term rental market.
  • Although some of these websites were already in the works, many hosts have prioritized them as the coronavirus pandemic spurred widespread cancellations and many grew unhappy with Airbnb’s reimbursement policies.

Although these independent websites lack the consumer base that comes with a large service such as Airbnb, they give hosts more power when it comes to how they brand and market their properties.
Direct-booking websites also offer hosts an avenue where they can rent their properties to guests at a cheaper price while generating a higher profit than they can when a middleman such as Airbnb is involved. Additionally, they offer hosts more control over situations where guests request refunds, cause damage or complain about a property, according to numerous short-term rental hosts.

As the coronavirus pandemic spurred lockdowns on travel, Airbnb instituted a policy in March that allowed guests to cancel reservations in April and May for full refunds, costing some hosts thousands of dollars.

Airbnb then reimbursed hosts a portion of the payments based on their cancellation policies. But many hosts had lenient policies in place before the pandemic, and therefore received little or no compensation from the company.

That inspired many to take matters into their own hands and will inspire many more from now own to build their OWN Websites giving them complete Control over Content and Pricing.

“If you’ve been a host the last two months, you realize that you’re not in control of your own business,”

For a reasonable  Amount you can get your own Villa Rental or Accommodation Rental Website.
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You can be up to 20% more competitive in Price on your OWN Website than on a Holiday Rental Website.