Websites based on FREE Templates

Websites starting at € 200.00

Choose from hundreds of Free WordPress Themes and Templates.

You can choose any design – We recommend any of the above design layouts, but you can also choose any design layout from here:

  • 1x Fully Responsive Webdesign
  • Easy to use Website Editor – powered by WordPress.
  • Web hosting and Domain Name Services.
  • Search Engine Friendly.
  • Add Social Media and Sharing Buttons.

Hosting is renewable annually for € 60.00 and domain names are renewable annually for € 16.00 . (At time of writing-please confirm current pricing.)
Other domain names pricing are available on request.

About Manfredk Website design!

We Do WordPress and Joomla is a website development company specializing in WordPress and related open source platforms!

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We provide custom, effective web solutions based on your business goals. We understand our business and take pride in helping our clients develop a useful, valuable, professional web presence.

You know your business—we know the web! We work with you to develop a web strategy with these outcomes:

Why Choose Us ?

New functionality can be added seamlessly and quickly without reinventing the wheel. What does this mean for you? Faster turnaround times and lower costs since it takes us less time to implement complex features.

  • Secure, password protected admin website backends.
  • Searchable Databases
  • Articles and Videos to enhance your Web Presence
  • Google Maps and Geo Location Build In
  • A Multitude of free and commercial Add Ons (Plugins) to enhance your Website

Cost Details

Choosing a web design firm for your business is an important decision, and let’s face it, cost is an important consideration. We often get calls about our prices, so we’ve outlined some general information below.

It is impossible to provide an accurate cost estimate without knowing your goals for the web site. Actual prices quoted for any new project are based on an estimate of the time required to complete the project. As a General Guideline though our Prices are FAR below those of other Website Design firms and start for a fully functional Joomla or WordPress Content Management Website from just R 1000.00. Most are between R 1500.00 to R 2000.00. Our Hosting Charges for Websites start from as low as R 540.00 PER YEAR including a free .com Domain Name of your choice-subject to availability

Get control of your website with WordPress!

  • Easy WordPress website editor
    easy-wordpress-website-editorYou’ll be able to edit your site yourself within your web browser using our incredibly easy and powerful editor that is constantly updated.



  • Analytics to track your visitors
    analytics-to-track-your-visitorsWe integrate Google Analytics into all sites so that you can track visitors, page views, visitor sources and conversions.



  • Multitude of themes to choose from
    multitude-of-themes-to-choose-fromYou’ll get to choose from our huge showcase of awesome themes to see how your site can look. We can even customize colors, images and logos.


  • Get online in 5 to 7 days
    get-online-in-5-to-7-daysWe can design and develop your site quickly incorporating your colors, logos and photos in up to 14 days.