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In this post I’ll take a look at a few of the most important absolute must-have web design elements for your website.

New York, NY August 10, 2016 -(

Is is no secret that the Digital Marketing landscape has underwent a massive change in the past year or so; Google now processes more Mobile Searches than Desktop searches and the gap between Mobile and Desktop searches is only expected to grow. The future of Online Marketing continues to be anyone’s best guess due to the rapidly changing ways in which searchers are requesting information.What we do know however, is that there are some key Web Design elements that many older websites are lacking, as these elements were not stressed as important just a year or so ago. In this post we’ll take a look at a few of the most important absolute must-have web design elements for your website.

1. A Mobile-Optimized Website

Although many websites out there do not have a Mobile Website, this number is steadily decreasing as business owners begin to understand the importance of having a Mobile Website.A mobile-optimized website is one of the most important elements of any website for several reasons. Google has openly admitted that Mobile-Optimized websites rank higher against non-mobile optimized websites – and this makes sense! If you think about it, Google’s job is to show the searcher the most relevant information possible, so that they continue to use Google. So with this knowledge, why then would they show a user searching on a Mobile Device a website that isn’t properly formatted for Mobile? The user would likely not have a very good experience on that website and would be less likely to use Google in the future as they were not able to efficiently gather the information they were seeking. Want to find out if your website is Mobile Optimized? Be sure to check out the GOOGLE MOBILE WEBSITE FRIENDLY TEST.

2. A Responsive Website

While a bit more technical in nature, a Responsive Website aids in creating a Mobile Website and takes it one step further. Responsive Web Design ensures that no matter what screen resolution someone is viewing your website on, the Website will automatically shift it’s dimensions to properly fit their screen. This helps searchers on Tablets and smaller laptops view your website without any visibility issues. Responsive Websites also tend to load faster, which helps in more than one way – Fast page load time is a positive ranking factor in Google.

3. Clean, Search Engine Optimized Design

Far too often today we see new websites with annoying popup Call to Action buttons, “Live Chat representatives” and cluttered design that makes site navigation difficult. But these types of websites are proving now more than ever to be less effective than clean web design with fast page load times. Crisp design doesn’t have to mean cluttered, but in many cases there are tons of new websites that are far too busy and take too long to load.

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