Website Re Designing

website re_designRedesigning websites today isn’t just about changing the look and feel. With technology changing and different problems needing to be solved, redesigning and overhauling websites goes much deeper than just the way they look. The functionality, presentation, how fast they load, and how easy they can be updated are all things that are prompting website redesigns on a daily basis. Apart from giving your website a new looks, we can provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) built with WordPress or Joomla.

We specialize in re-designing and re-developing websites if you are considering any of the following projects then please give us a call:

  • Upgrading your current website
  • Moving to a content management solution for your website
  • Re-building your website
  • Looking for a refreshing new look for an existing site
  • Usability
  • Getting legacy content online
  • Planning to integrate rich media content into your site like internet video
  • Adding community and Web2.0 social features to your website
  • Getting your Site to load faster (to see your current Site Speed or Rank use any of the free Tools provided above under WEBSITE SPEED TOOLS

Let us know if you are willing to discuss the possible modifications on your website or Create a New One. If you have an existing Website you would like to modify please send the URL or reference so that we can send you more details on the packages.