Website Update Service

Website Content Update Service

No matter where you host your website, I provide a service to make sure your website is up to date and current. “Content” in the modern context goes beyond the text on your web pages. It can include changing, formatting or optimizing images and other assets on your site; making changes – additions, deletions or modifications – to the menus and navigation on the site; building additional features and functionality and even cleaning your site of viruses, spam, and malware.

Content Management and Workflow

To maintain a strong web presence, updating content to current information is vital. Your website visitors want the latest information and for you to stand out from competitors. For SEO purposes, updated content is chosen by the algorithm search engines use for ranking. Effective content management ensures all content updates and workflow processes are streamlined. Content updates are not just articles or blogs on your site. This also includes products, catalogs, and contact information. When this information becomes outdated, customers are more likely to jump to the next competitor. Without a content update service in place, e-commerce website owners tend to forget about their website until profits and/or the number of visitors drops.

Content Analysis

First, you need a healthy goal of what you expect from your website, including goals for each page. Crawling each page of your website will give you a clear picture of how each one is performing. You will find content that needs updated, removed completely or optimized to perform better. You will also find any 404 errors that exist on your site. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to reach a page that does not exist.

Current Performance Analysis

Your analysis should include traffic reaching each page and how long that visitor stayed on the page. What are visitors doing on your page and where they go when they finish each one. Keywords are vital. You need to know what keywords are bringing PPC search traffic, organic search traffic, and traffic from social sites.

Gaining User Feedback

It takes more than one set of eyes to ensure your content, navigation, and other features are working correctly. Have other members of your team, or friends & family, navigate the website and provide you with feedback. Providing them with a test conversion path will allow you to see if there are errors, or if something is hard to find. Feedback should also include what is missing, what information they would like to know or read about, what competitors have that you do not. User feedback is critical to a successful website.

Implementing Strategy

After completing the content and site analysis, you will have all the information you need to begin. Remove all outdated content that cannot be optimized to perform better. Optimizing content to fill in content gaps will increase rankings against competitors with search engines and your visitors. Create new content which your target audience is searching for; your keyword research will help you decide what is needed.

Considering Site Architecture

After taking inventory of your pages and getting feedback from them, you will know if your site flows like you think it does. Your site should be set up to make navigation simple and easy for visitors. Performing a site architecture does just this. First, you will have your main landing pages, and each content page that supports that will be linked together. All main landing pages will link together to keep navigation simple. The point is to make a strong navigation path which follows users needs.

Updating Content

Ensure all content is up-to-date and information your target audience wants to read. You should have a strong topic with relevant information which is easy to read. From your website goals, you will know what each page is intended to portray. Your content should reflect these goals such as engage, sell, or collect and provide a call to action, so visitors know what their next step is. All existing content you are keeping, make sure the keywords and keyword phrases you found through your keyword research are appropriately used throughout. This might include some optimization to ensure all content is current.

What to Expect from Content Update Services

Communication is key to ensuring content is updated on your website. Your Website Content Update Services team should provide an analysis of missing or outdated content. You can expect the following services as well.
  • All content and information will be updated in a timely manner, including news articles, photos or images, new content, and
  • Review comments prioritize them and check for errors and ensure they have been attended to if needed.
  • Extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will ensure your content is ranking on all major search engines.
I ensure all your content updates happen on time with comprehensive quality assurance to ensure nothing goes wrong. My other services include web design, website security, internet marketing and branding for enterprises and small businesses. Having all services available under one roof, means clients can save time having to search for someone to do the work. Call today for your web content analysis.