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Ideal for Sportclubs, Hockeyteams, Rugby Team, Charities in fact ANY Team looking for Sponsorship.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for sports clubs to “pull off” larger projects. One hurdle that often seems almost impossible to overcome is the club’s own contribution, without which it is almost impossible to raise external funds.

A typical example: A sports club needs a new pitch. Having tried to “refresh” the turf almost every year in the past, it is no longer possible. The turf needs to be completely renewed, otherwise it will be almost impossible to continue playing.

In situations like this, unconventional methods are needed to plug a financial hole. A very clever idea that some clubs are already practicing successfully:

Sell sponsorships for parts of the pitch

The pitch is divided into 600 fields. Sponsors can then purchase the individual fields for € 100.00 or € 200.00, for example.

The special highlight: particularly prominent points – including the two penalty areas, the center circle and the corner and center flags – can only ever be purchased in their entirety and are also significantly more expensive than the “normal” pieces of turf.

Important for all those who wish to sponsor a pitch: It is a donation, for which the donors can then of course also receive a donation receipt.

Practical tip: There are no limits to sponsorships. For example, sponsorships can also be awarded for team benches and spectator seats. It is also interesting to sponsor the goals on the pitch. This offers a local master painter, for example, the opportunity to advertise effectively with the ambiguous slogan: “Master painter … keeps the goal clean.”

A sponsorship can be taken on by private individuals, members or non-members, a company looking for extra advertising opportunities, a service industry, institutions, … etc.

Curent and New Sponsors

Listing out some or all of your current event sponsors is a good way to show prospective NEW sponsors the benefits of choosing your organization. It could allow them to see what it would be like if they sponsored your organization. You should include their name, logo, and a link to their website or social media pages.
All Sponsor Logos and Links to their Websites will be displayed prominently.


So, what can I offer you? Some ideas are:

  • Brochure Type Website Designed for free using WordPress with Free Theme such as Astra.
  • Main Menu with “Home”, “About Us”, “Values”, “Galerie”, “Contact”, “Shop(optional)”
  • You only pay the Domain Name of your Choice and the Hosting Charge.
  • We will contact relevant Business’s in your Area to inquire if they want to Sponsor your Team or Event.
  • Sponsors Logos (and/or) Link to their Website will be displayed on your Website.
  • You decide on the Sponsor Amounts, i.e monthly a certain Amount, a once off Amount or ….

So, what can you offer them? Some ideas are:

  • Advertising space in an event program
  • Their logo prominently featured in all communications about the event, on social media, etc.
  • Public acknowledgement of the donor’s generosity
  • Promotional materials included in swag bags or available at event(s)
  • An opportunity to speak at an event
  • A booth at an event
  • Being included on the non-profit’s online ‘Supporters’ list
  • A framed “thank you for your support” letter to put up in their office
  • Social media shout-outs
  • Running a contest at your event or on social media

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