Is your Site Legally Compliant?

Stats show that 87% of the websites are not legally compliant. A great percentage of websites lack a website privacy policy or a terms & conditions page.

Why is a legal policy essential?

Without proper legal policies, chances are:

  • Google Ads might blacklist you
  • Facebook might suspend your Canvas apps
  • Amazon Affiliates will reject you
  • And most importantly, customers will doubt your site’s integrity

As a minimum your Website should have a:

  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Terms and Conditions Page
  • External Policy Linking Page

Here are a some of the legally compliant Pages you might need (depending on the type of your Website):

Terms of Use

Double Dart Cookie Template

Linking Policy Template

FTC Statement Template

External Links Policy

Medical Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions Template

Testimonials Disclosure Template

Refund Policy Template

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure Template

DMCA Policy Template

Affiliate Agreement Template

EU Privacy Rights Template

Facebook Privacy Policy Template

Digital Goods Refund Policy

Anti-Spam Template

Children’s Online Privacy Policy Template

Disclaimer Template

Blog Comments Policy Template

Depending on WHERE you live, WHERE your Website is based or which COUNTRIES your Website targets, you might need some or other Policy Papers.
If in doubt seek legal Advice.

Make Contact if you need one or more of these legal pages for your Website >

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