Scams, Fake News , Misinformation

Scams, Fake News, Misinformation

Scams, Fake News and Misinformation abounds on Social Media and the Internet in General

If you get a email or see a post on Facebook claiming that Toyota is giving away 50 free cars and that sounds too good to be true, you are not alone in thinking this might be a scam!
There are some simple and free Methods to verify if its fake or not:

The easiest and fastest way is to simply copy the first sentence or all of the post and paste it into Google Search. You will be surprised to see what comes back. (Probably a hundred sites telling you this is a scam, as others will have posted the same already).
One of the sites which might come back in your Search might be the Website.

Alternatively you can go directly to the Website and input your search there.

If the Post or Email includes an Image you can easily check it that Image has been used on other Sites for other Purposes thanks to Websites like for example.
On you can upload an image and see where else the same Image is hosted or has been used. (Also useful to see if YOUR OWN Images have been copied and used somewhere else.)
This facility can also be legally used to by pass paid Accommodation listing sites.
How do I use TinEye reverse image search?

  • Upload an image from your computer or mobile device by clicking the upload button to locate the image you wish to search for.
  • To search by URL, copy and paste an image url address into the search box.
  • Drag an image from a tab in your browser and drop it in a browser tab where TinEye is open.

If you find Accommodation on AirBnB or but do not want to pay their Guest Fee, upload and Image of the Hotel or Guesthouse to TinEye and see if the Hotel is listed elsewhere. They might have their own Website using the same Image where you can book directly without having to pay AirBnB Guest Fees.