Outstanding Neighborhood Websites

neighborhood watchscheme websitesWith the popularity of the Internet today, nearly every household has access to the Internet. The Internet is a convenient place to post important information regarding your community for fellow community members. Because of this, community groups such as, neighborhood watch schemes, neighborhood associations and homeowners associations, are developing websites to keep members informed and up to date on pertinent information.
I have experience creating functional brochure style websites for many different types of community organizations. Whether looking to create a website for a homeowner’s association in a small subdivision or looking to design an informational website for a large community, this web design company can fit your needs. I will work with you to develop a professional, easy to use website that will provide your group members with the needed facts and details.

“Go Green” with a Neighborhood Association Website

The development of homeowners association website will allow you to reduce the number of paper materials you print. As you will be able to post important information to all homeowners through the use of your website, the decision to develop a website with our company will allow your organization to “go green” and reduce your waste. Since many times people receive printed information only to ignore or lose it, providing access to information digitally via a neighborhood association website will allow you to stop or limit your distribution of paper copies.
This saves money on printing costs and allows your community organization to do your part to help the environment.

Websites Provide Necessary Homeowners Association Information Easily

Your neighborhood association can post important information on your website. This information will be like a digital neighborhood pamphlet, which provides detailed rules, procedures, and even downloadable forms. In addition, my websites for community organizations provide you with the option to include a calendar on your website. This calendar can be edited to include the latest upcoming events for your community. Once the Event has passed it will automatically be erased or marked so on the Calendar.

The best part of a website designed by Manfredk.com is that this information will be available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore, all homeowners can access the association information that they need when it is convenient for their busy schedule.

Information commonly posted on neighborhood association websites often includes:

  • Community Rules
  • Budget Information
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Important Forms
  • Up Coming Events
  • Local Business Information

Encourage and Support Local Businesses

The concept of posting local business information on your community website allows community members to search through a database and locate locally owned companies in your community. This feature allows community members to support their neighbors by hiring businesses with local business owners. Supporting local businesses can actually improve your community by keeping money in your area.

Community Newsletters

You can use your neighborhood association website to collect a list of email addresses for the homeowners in your neighborhood. (A Newsletter Module is included as standard feature!)
You can then use this list to send out monthly or quarterly email newsletters, which update your community with recent information. In this way, your website becomes a tool that can be used to easily keep your community members in touch and up-to-date.

If you are interested in what I can offer for your homeowner’s association, please contact me or fill out the REQUEST A QUOTE Form here

So, How much does it all cost?

Surprisingly little. I work to a certain rate regardless of if the work is contract of personal client so that means I will charge less than most companies that offer what I do.

Pricing is based purely on what’s required, but for a basic CMS site where I build the template and add the first 5-10 pages (you can edit and add pages yourself) I charge EUR 150.00 usually,  1 years hosting is around EUR 60.00 AND that includes a free.com Domain Name for the first year.
A small amount considering an advert in a newspaper can easily cost five times as much.