Booking Portals – a Curse or a Blessing

The Argument in favor of your own Hotel/Villa/Guesthouse Website  (Demo here)

Accommodation Booking Portals have become indispensable for your Accommodation Search on the web in a very short time. They started out as partners of the hotels – now the former allies have a love-hate relationship at best. The customers are happy.

“Without the platforms it’s not possible, with the platforms it’s not easy either”.

Fact is, nearly 90 percent of all hotels and other Accommodation Establishments in Cyprus are connected to at least one of these booking portals – such as Airbnb , , or Expedia . It has long been no longer difficult to book a hotel somewhere on the Brazilian coast near Fortaleza or in Paphos from your home computer. And because it’s all so wonderfully easy, the intermediaries gained customers at a rapid pace – at the expense of direct bookings.

The Arguments for your OWN Hotel or Accommodation Website are getting stronger

Those who book directly with the Accommodation Establishment benefit from the best prices!
After all: The Owner does not have to pay 10 to 15% Commission to the Booking Platform
In view of the large price differences, travelers are well advised to “shop around” and to compare the prices of several portals with each other.
By all means use the Booking Platforms as a start and then Google the Hotel Name to find the Hotels OWN Website where you might find even better prices for the same Period.

What Features Do You Really Need?

1. Responsive Design

2. Great Photography

3. Speed

4. Direct Booking Engine

5. Lead Capture

6. COVID-19 Info Page (Optional)

7. Consistent Branding

8. Social Proof

9. Useful, Relevant Content

10. Analytics and Tracking Pixels

11. Built-In SEO Functionality

12. a Hotel Blog

To offer your Guests the best rate and for you the Owner to pay out Less Commission you should get your Own Accommodation Website.