Beach and Watersport Themes

WordPress Beach and Watersport Themes

1. Shaka-Watersports Theme

shaka wordpress beach theme

Shaka – A beach business WordPress theme for water sport and activity schools. Surf, kayak and more.
Shaka is the world’s first WordPress theme made specifically for beach-based businesses. Whether it is for a surf school in Hawaii or diving classes in Bali, Shaka will have your visitors pumped and ready for an unforgettable experience.

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1. Themify Ultra Theme

Ultra Theme is one of the most powerful, efficient and flexible WordPress themes. It is an extremely high-quality theme created by Themify, who kept the user’s best interests in mind. Anyone can create any site easily and quickly using this fast and highly responsive theme.
Ultra theme is one of the most convenient and user-friendly themes available to date because of the fact that it allows the website developer to have complete control over their website from header to footer. This is (without a doubt) the best and most approachable theme for website developers and designers.

What does the Ultra Theme Contain?

This theme includes pre-made demo sites and design skins. Both features are very efficient and can help any website developer create a basic sample as a test run before creating the real website. This is very useful for website developers who are perfectionists and would like to go through a trial and error run in which they can observe any improvements which need to be made. The Ultra theme also saves time for those website developers who are working on a deadline to please their clients.

Ultra Theme Features

The features being offered through the Ultra theme are numerous and can help website developers establish a solid base from which they can build their website. The different features include:

1. Bonus builder add-ons (11)

The 11 bonus builder add-ons that are provided through this theme are available free of cost once you have purchased the theme and they include the following:

  • Countdown
  • Progress bar
  • Contact
  • Counter
  • Woocommerce
  • Timeline
  • Typewriter
  • Image Pro
  • Maps Pro
  • Slider Pro
  • Pricing table

They are highly useful because they allow for the theme to perform more functions than expected and these add-ons have made a huge contribution towards the tremendous amount of popularity that the Ultra theme has gained since its creation.

2. Pre-designed layout (60)

Over 60 pre-designed layouts are included with this theme and these layouts can make the website developer’s life easier because they can help in saving time. All the website developer would have to do is make appropriate adjustments and add their desired content and (voilà) the website will be ready in no time. The selection of layouts is also vast, so there is plenty of options to choose from. This is another reason for the Ultra theme being such a popular theme in the market. Website developers nowadays do not have the time to customize themes because of their busy work schedules and their need for pleasing many different clients and this is something that the makers at Themify wanted to cater to when they were conjuring up the Ultra theme.

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