Multiple Items PayPal Payments

An Easy Way to add Payment Facility to your Website
(requires a FREE PayPal Account)
Simply Create the Payment Button from within your PayPal Account, choose your various Item Names and Prices and add the resulting Code to your Site where you want it to show.

This is an Example of what it could look like:

Services Offered


To have a Button like this installed simply choose from the Drop Down Menu above the relevant Order. The actual Item or Service Name and Price thereof will be added from within your PayPal Account.

You can set up a free PayPal Account Here

Community Websites

Community Website Tutorial

What is a Social Networking/Community Website

A social network community represents and connects people that share common interests in a certain area. The members of a social network community can manage their profiles through the functionality provided by the social network website they use. The common area of interests enables users of the community website to meet new friends and like-minded people. Users connect with each other, rate peers and objects, ask questions, get answers and discuss relevant topics.

Why do I need to build a Social Networking/Community website?

It is a common practice for companies and organizations to create a community website in order to manage their employees, partners and customers and target their area of interest in a stimulating and effective way. Most multimedia companies, artists, clubs or widely popular service providers maintain a community web site for their needs. The most important reasons to do so are:

  • You can target your members through the community with relevant new information that they would expect to find through the community website.
  • You can maintain constant contact with your customers/members/fans through regular updates about upcoming events, news etc.
  • The human interaction between members keep them interested in the particular field/product resulting in user generated content for the community website and thus expanding the website with relevant unique content.

Social network communities often grow through viral marketing. Members invite their friends, and hence it is possible to reach a large number of people with a very limited marketing budget. Also the chances are big that once members connect within a social network community they will remain members of the community. Members will be loyal to each other as it is only natural for people with common interests. This member loyalty is what makes social network communities highly valuable.

What are the most commonly used web applications for building Social Networking websites?

Here is a short list of the most popular open source applications used for building community web sites. Link to the scripts provide detailed instructions how to install and use them:

If you do not have the Time or Technical Expertise to install these Scripts I offer Install Services for all of these (and others) at a reasonable Fee.
Contact Me for Advice

Guide to choosing a Domain Name

Once you have made the decision to have a website, the next step is to choose a domain name. A domain name is the address that Internet viewers use to access your website. Your domain name is your identity on the Internet and is similar to having your own phone number. Essentially, domain names serve as routing addresses on the Internet.

A domain name is an alphanumeric unique name that identifies individual computers on the Internet. For example, Google’s domain name is www.google.com. The characters that are allowed in a domain name include the 26 letters of the English alphabet, numbers 0-9, and hyphens (-). It cannot begin or end with a hyphen, but it may contain one or more hyphens. One does not actually own a domain name, but pays a domain name registrar for the right to use that domain name. Domain names have a suffix or extension, which is based on the type of organization it is associated with. Common suffixes include:

  • com – commercial businesses
  • org – nonprofit organizations
  • edu – educational institutions
  • gov – government agencies
  • mil – military

Additional domain name extensions include: .biz, .info, .name, .museum, .tv, .coop, .areo, and .pro.

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

Research proves that the best domain names are often the simple ones – easy to remember, preferably short, and easy to spell and pronounce. When choosing a domain name, considerations include:

  1. One that is short
    • A short domain name is easier for your Internet users easy to remember, write down or to type into a web browser.
    • For example, help4parents.org is much easier to remember and is less confusing than minneapolisparentssupportgroup.org.
      Other examples of easy-to-remember domain names include: www.msn.com for Microsoft Network and www.cnn.com for Cable News Network.
  2. One that is meaningful
    • Choose a domain name that suggests the nature of your product, service or company name.
  3. One that is easy to spell and pronounce
    • Words that are commonly misspelled or that are confusing should be avoided.

Protecting Your Privacy

When a domain name is registered, your e-mail address, physical address and phone number are published on the Internet in the WhoIs database. This is a requirement of ICANN – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is a nonprofit body responsible for accrediting domain name registrars, requires all domain name providers to make your contact information publicly available. ICANN’s ensures predictable results from any place on the Internet are called “universal resolvability.” This is a critical design feature of the Domain Name System, one that makes the Internet the helpful, global resource that it is today. Without it, the same domain name might map to different Internet locations under different circumstances, which would only cause confusion.

This public record can be accessed by anyone 24 hours a day. Information provided includes:

  • Domain name holder’s name and address
  • Address, phone number, and e-mail address of the domain name contacts
  • Date of the domain name registration
  • Date of the most recent update to the domain name record
  • Date that the domain name registration will expire
  • Host name and IP addresses for the domain name servers

Private Domain Registration Options

Case Study: Network Solutions
Network Solutions is a domain name registrar that offers private domain name registration. This service is similar to an unpublished phone number. For an additional fee per year, Network Solutions provides alternate contact information in the public WHOIS listing for your domain name registration, which includes:

  • E-mail Address– Your newly created e-mail address changes every 10 days to protect you from people who mine the WHOIS database and sell the information. E-mail received at this address will be filtered for spam and forwarded to your designated e-mail account.
  • Postal Address– Your postal address displayed in your WHOIS listing is a PO Box address in care of Network Solutions to stop junk mail and unwanted persons from finding your home. Mail received via Certified Mail® or Express Mail™ will be forwarded to you.
  • Phone Number – Your phone number listing displayed in WHOIS will be answered by an answering service that instructs the caller how to contact you via the e-mail address and/or postal address listed in WHOIS.

Domain Name Fees

Annual fees for domain name registration range from $10.00 to $35.00 for .COM extensions depending on the company providing the services and the number of years registered at one time. Additional extension prices vary by company. Listed below are examples of domain name fees and services. Remember: These are just examples and prices may have changed or vary from company to company. It is worth shopping around.

Domain Name Registrars

Registrar Annual Fee Toll Free Support Private Registration/Fee
www.domaindiscover.com $11.98 Yes Yes / add $7.79 yr
www.godaddy.com $11.99* No Yes / add $9.99 yr
www.namesecure.com $14.95 No Yes / add $9.95 yr
www.networksolutions.com $34.99 Yes Yes / add $9.99 yr

* New .COMs $11.99 per year

How To Check If A Domain Name Is Available

Provided below is a method to check the availability of a domain name. Please provide a value for a domain name, including its extension (i.e., “.com”, etc.). Please do not include the “www”. A query on the appropriate WHOIS database will be performed. This lookup may be used on “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, and “.edu” domains. If you have any questions or if you would like help in selecting a domain name, please: contact us.

There are a wide variety of Web sites that offer services to determine if a domain name is available. For example, please go to Network Solutions at the following address and type in the domain name that you are looking for to see if it is available:

How to create a WordPress Post.

To get started creating your first WordPress post, locate the Posts menu in the left-hand side of the WordPress Dashboard. You can either hover over the Posts link or click to expand it to reveal the submenu.

The Add New Posts page can also be found from the + New link in the WordPress Admin Bar, also.

Click the Add New link.

Now you’ll see the Add New Post page where you can create your first post.

The first box is where you’ll want to enter the title of your post.

Next is the Post formatting section or post editor. This is where you’ll actually type the content of your post.

If you look on the right side of the box, you’ll see two tabs. There are two modes of editing posts: Visual and Text.

The Visual tab will bring up the visual WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG just means “what you see is what you get.” Here you’ll see a formatting toolbar with lots of options for formatting your posts. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word or any other word processing software, most of these icons should look familiar.

If you click the Text tab, this will reveal a plain-text HTML version of the post editor. This version of the post editor is for editing the HTML code of your post. For most users, the Visual editor is the easiest way to write posts.

At the top of the right column on this screen you’ll see the Publish box. Here, your can save your post as a draft if you’d like to save it for later. If you click the Preview button, you can get a preview of how the post will look once it’s published.

The Status of the post will show if the post has been published, saved as a draft, if it’s pending review of if it’s been scheduled.

The next two links show the visibility of the post — or what visitors will be able to see your post. The Publish line shows whether the post will be published immediately or at a later date.

The next section are for categories and tags assigned to your WordPress post. We’ll cover these two topics in more detail later.

If you’d like to change the screen options for your post editor, just click the screen options tab in the upper right hand corner. Expand this to reveal all the options that can be displayed on the post editor screen.

Again from the post editor, you can also drag or drop the order of these boxes to customize how we want them arranged on the page.

If you ever need help while you’re on the Add New Posts page, just click the Help tab in the upper right corner. From here, you’ll be able to get a reminder for how to customize your post display, tips for adding a post title and using the post editor, inserting media and settings for publishing and discussion.

Property / Real Estate Websites

Ideal for Real Estate Agents or Property Developers. Includes easy to use Content Management System (Joomla or WordPress) which lets you manage your website content and properties without the need of programming languages.

Property Reference Numbers | Agent Notes for each property (viewable only by you and not visitors) | Property Facilities | Mark properties as “featured”, “hot” etc | Picture gallery for each property | Video for each property … and much more!

Free Joomla Templates

There are MANY free Joomla Templates available online. Just google ‘joomla free templates’ or a similar term and you will have a myriad to choose from. Here is a selection of 21 free Joomla templates which I think deserve mention. Joomla is getting more popular by the day as a Content Management System (CMS).

Please note that Demo and Download Links go the to Joomla Templates Creator Websites and might or might not be available.Please report a broken Link

01. DesignCanvas – By Joomlage

A new free Joomla template for a new era. Design Canvas is a free Joomla 2.5 template solution. Features included are 2 Style Options (light or dark), 6 Layout Options possible from 3 Columns, 100 Google fonts and 10 Websafe fonts to choose from, Module Height Equalizer, Auto or Manual Width Control for Modules, 48 Module Positions, Rapid Horizontal Menu Setup in Parameters (hornav and footer menus), Logo can be text or image based, easily position Logo from template parameters using x and y values, RTL LTR Support, ability to add your custom css or custom code via template parameters and much more.

Author: Joomlage
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5
Tags: Personal pages, Neutral, Business, Blog, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color, Demo Installer, Custom Fonts, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

02. BT Arise – By Bow Themes

BT Arise is the first free template for Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 of Bow Themes. It comes with five amazing colors and styles. BT Arise presents fresh look for a Joomla site with eye pleasing colors and modules friendly arranged.

Whether you need a site for your marketing, consulting, or business targets , BT Arise is still a powerful template to jumpstart dominating the world!

Template features:

  • Running on T3 Framework Version 2
  • 5 Colors themes support
  • 4 Menu types option
  • Inbuilt Google Fonts configuration
  • Improved style of Joomla! Core system pages.
  • Multiples modules suffix’s build-in template for module styling.
  • Inbuilt CSS and Javascript Compression
  • Template support for MooTools 1.2
  • Cross Browser Support: IE7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Chrome 8+, Opera 9+
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional Check it ?
  • CSS Validates Check it ?
Author: Bow Themes
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6
Tags: Education, Business, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color, Custom Fonts, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

03. Frontena – By PickJoomla

Joomla1.6 and Joomla1.7 compatible | Multi-color themes | Font size changer (increase, decrease and default size) | Price (Free) | Multi effect flash header (60+ transition) based on xml. Photos and transition effect can be changed very eazy to your needs | All browsers compatible

Author: PickJoomla
Compatibility: JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6
Tags: Travel, Society and Culture, Personal pages, Business, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color, Custom Fonts, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

04. Default 2.5 – By JoomlaPraise

Great FREE Joomla! Beginner Template. Tired of overly complex templates? This FREE template is simple and easy to customize to your liking! Consider yourself an artist and this template is your canvas.


  1. 3 Color Themes: This template comes with three different color themes that you can choose from.
  2. 12 Module Positions: All the right positions in all the right places.
  3. Custom Fixed or Fluid Width: Quickly change the overall width to a pixel or percentage.
  4. Custom Element Module Heights: Everyone wants their module heights to match. Easily set and change the height of the Element modules.
  5. 1, 2, or 3 Columns: Quickly change from Left/Right, 2 Left, or 2 Right columns.
  6. Custom Colors: Changing colors throughout the site is as easy as switching some parameters.
Author: JoomlaPraise
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: Portal, News, Communications, Administrator, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

05. JSN Tendo – By JoomlaShine

JSN Tendo is the artistic and elegant Joomla 2.5 template with powerful built – in features which let you create an awesome photo gallery website. Express your individuality with the most popular Joomla CMS on the market and JSN Tendo template.

This photography oriented template brings together a beautiful design and powerful built – in features that allow you to create an awesome website. The vast array of customizations is just excellent, giving you more control on the look and feel of the theme without having to dig into the theme editor (and PHP / HTML / CSS code).

Author: JoomlaShine
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: Portfolio, Interior and Furniture, Beauty, Art & Photography, Architecture
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Demo Installer, Custom Fonts, Fluid width, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

06. Grandiose – By Pixel Point Creative

Grandiose is a multi-use template built on the Simple Grid Framework. It has a built in, multi-level “Elastic” menu and is packed with features and easy to customize.


  1. Built In Elastic Menu
  2. Mega Menu with 5 options
  3. 36 Fonts Options
  4. Adjustable Width
  5. 5 Module Styles
  6. Extensive Typography
  7. 50+ Module Positions
  8. XHTML and CSS Valid
  9. Point.Click.GO! Available
  10. Source Files Available
Author: Pixel Point Creative
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6
Tags: Travel, Entertainment, Blog, Art & Photography, Architecture
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Demo Installer, Custom Fonts, Fluid width, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

07. Vertex – By Shape5

The Vertex Joomla Template is a 100% free GPL licensed template! It’s purpose is to show off the powerful features of the Shape5 Vertex template framework. That’s right you get all the powerful Vertex features for free such as the S5 Flex Menu, 94 module positions, mobile device version, hide the component area on any page, custom row and column widths, RTL language support, and so much more!

Unlike many free templates from other providers, that lack options or visual appeal, Vertex is not only packed with options but it looks great too! Consider it as a gift to our members and a celebration of the new Joomla 2.5! Customize the look of the theme with your own custom highlight colors and font, and use it’s thousands of layout options to make your site truly unique. Be sure to check out the demo.

Author: Shape5
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5
Tags: Business, Blog, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color, Demo Installer, Custom Fonts, Fluid width, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

08. Oxygen – By Joomla51

Introducing our Oxygen Joomla template, a bright and clean template solution for your website. Our popular free release has been giving a makeover and is now using the latest Joomla51 framework with a host of new features including 48 modules positions with complete width controls, 3 column layout with 6 possible layout options, font choosers with 14 web safe fonts and over 100 Google fonts to choose from and much much more.


  1. Joomla 1.7 & 2.5 Compatible
  2. 48 Fully Collapsible Module Positions
  3. 6 Colour Styles to chooe from
  4. 2 Pre-Install Menu Positions
  5. LTR & RTL Support
  6. 3 Column Layout with 6 Possible Layout Options
  7. J51 Thumbs Gallery Module
  8. ImageSlideshow Module
  9. Easy edit site title
  10. Custom Module Widths
  11. Tableless and 100% CSS based design
  12. Multiple Font Choosers (14 Web Safe Fonts + 100 Google Fonts)
  13. Multiple Colour Choosers
Author: Joomla51
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6
Tags: Health, Education, Business, Beauty, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color, Custom Fonts, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

09. JSN Dome – By JoomlaShine

JSN Dome is colorful Joomla 2.5 template with charming cozy design that would allow you to build wonderful personal website. Leverage the power of Joomla to express yourself with JSN Dome template.

This elegant personally oriented template is not only beautiful but also very functional. The vast array of customizations are just excellent, giving you more control on the look and feel of the theme without having to dig into the theme editor (and PHP / HTML / CSS code).

JSN Dome are natively compatible with all current Joomla versions – 1.5, 1.7/2.5.

Author: JoomlaShine
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: Personal pages, Nature, Family, Art & Photography, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Demo Installer, Custom Fonts, Fluid width, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

10. JSN Epic – By Joomlashine

JSN Epic is a clean and professional looking Joomla 2. template designed mainly for corporation websites. Equipped with powerful features, this template allows you to present content in whatever way you like.

This elegant business template is not only beautiful but also very functional. The vast array of customizations are excellent, giving you more control on the look and feel of the theme without having to dig into the theme editor (and PHP / HTML / CSS code).

Author: Joomlashine
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: Nature, Education, Business, Books, Architecture
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Demo Installer, Custom Fonts, Fluid width, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

11. Ol Menas – By Olwebdesign

This template is a clean design for business sites but flexible for other purposes. It has 14 module positions. Features in this template are: Flash header in home page or in all pages and google fonts, enable or disable the date in template settings. This joomla theme is also available for joomla 1.5. To download the template for joomla 1.5 visit olwebdesign.com.

Author: Olwebdesign
Compatibility: JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: Online store/shop, Neutral, Education, Business
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Custom Fonts, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

12. Td Cletra – By JoomlaTD


  1. Flash header
  2. Suckerfish menu
  3. Fast loading template
  4. Joomla 2.5 compatible
  5. Logo text or image
  6. 2 column template
  7. All browsers compatible
  8. Collapsible Module Positions
  9. Fixed width
  10. Table-less and 100% CSS based design
Author: JoomlaTD
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5
Tags: Personal pages, Neutral, Education, Communications, Business
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

13. Bloq – By JoomlaPraise

Free GPL Joomla Grid Template, Ultimate Free Joomla Template. The Bloq template is an easy to use free template that incorporates everything we’ve learned in template building over the past few years.

With 31 module positions, there is a flavor for you. Built-in CSS dropdown menu and 8 beautiful themes, Bloq gives you a great starting point for your new Joomla website.


  1. 8 Color Starter Themes
  2. Built-in CSS Dropdown Menu
  3. Logo Source Artwork
  4. Easy Color Customization
  5. 31 Module Positions
  6. JP Grid Layout
  7. 1-4 Column Layouts
  8. Collapsible Modules
  9. Left or Right Sidebars
  10. Unique Typography Styles
  11. Heading & Body Font Switch
  12. 1 Additional Google Font Choices
  13. Modern CSS3 Techniques (graceful degradation)
Author: JoomlaPraise
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: News, Family, Communications, Business, Blog
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color, Custom Fonts
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

14. Cesmiro Travel – By AtJoomla

Cesmiro Travel is a fast loading template for joomla2.5. It is a great template for travel companies. Images can be replaced easy and can be used for any type of company. Some of other futures:

  1. 2 column
  2. Transparent background
  3. Png IE6 fixed
  4. Logo Text or Image
  5. Joomla2.5 compatible
  6. Price (Free)
  7. All browsers compatible
Author: AtJoomla
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5
Tags: Travel, Portal, Internet, Hotels, Business
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

15. Gratis – By Pixel Point Creative

Gratis is a FREE multi-use Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7 ready template built on the Simple Grid Framework. It’s sleek, clean, packed with features and easy to customize!


  1. Choose your own styles
  2. Mega Menu with 5 options
  3. 36 Fonts: Cufon and Google
  4. Adjustable Width
  5. 5 Module Styles
  6. Extensive Typography
  7. 50+ Module Positions
  8. XHTML and CSS Valid
  9. CSS3 Pie
Author: Pixel Point Creative
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: Personal pages, Media, Entertainment, Business, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color, Custom Fonts, Fluid width, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

16. TemplateTRAX – By Able Web Professionals, Inc.

Multi colored design (10 color choices) using XHTML/CSS with easy to customize and use features.

Joomla 2.5 features:

  1. Multi-level menus: top drop-down (multi-colored superfish style)
  2. 10 color choices and two page layouts
  3. Turn the header on or off
  4. Uses the standard modules for Joomla 2.5

Note: Edit the template easily through the Joomla template manager.

Author: Able Web Professionals, Inc.
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6
Tags: Media, Internet, Business, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Multiple Color, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

17. JSN Teki – By JoomlaShine

JSN Teki is the hi–technology Joomla 2.5 template designed for gadgets fan lovers. With powerful built–in framework and mobile support you will see a well optimized browser layout on your desktop or mobile devices.

JSN Teki – 1.1.0 have been released with new features and improvements.

  1. Improved check new template version feature: The checking mechanism works automatically. You will be notified if the version you are using is out-of-date.
  2. Added back-end translation for Portuguese language: Now Portuguese users can use JSN Tendo and JSN Teki in their mother language easily. There are 14 languages supported in total.

Besides these, there are Improved HTML and CSS code of all clearing tags, Utilized CSS3 for all mouse over actions and more. All of these bring you a lot of convenience and make you website look cooler than ever.

Author: JoomlaShine
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5
Tags: Software, Mobile, Hosting, Electronics, Computers
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Demo Installer, Custom Fonts, Fluid width, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

18. JoomSpirit 35 – By JoomSpirit


  1. W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid
  2. Clean pure CSS/Tableless Design
  3. Fully compatible Firefox 3+, IE7+, Chrome
  4. Lightweight and fast-loading
  5. 3, 2 or 1 column layout
  6. 20 module positions
  7. Set the width for your web site, the left and the right column (fixed or fluid)
  8. Drop-down menu
  9. Typography (list, header module, quotation, …)
  10. Include a manual to explain the module positions and typography
  11. Include the slideshow module of the demo.
Author: JoomSpirit
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: Online store/shop, Neutral, Fashion, Beauty, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Custom Fonts, Fluid width, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

19. AT Ebona – By AtJoomla


  1. Fast loading Template
  2. Joomla1.6 /Joomla1.7/Joomla2.5 compatible
  3. Price (Free)
  4. All browsers compatible
  5. Logo Text or Image
  6. Png IE6 fixed
Author: AtJoomla
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5, JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6
Tags: Society and Culture, Real Estate, Hotels, Business, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

20. Td Combeta – By JoomlaTD


  1. Flash header
  2. Dropdown menu
  3. Left and right columns at your choice
  4. Width sizes of the template at your choice
  5. Google fonts
  6. If you need the joomla 1.5 version visit www.joomlatd.com
Author: JoomlaTD
Compatibility: JOOMLA 1.7, JOOMLA 1.6, JOOMLA 1.5
Tags: Sport, Health, Fitness, Education, Clean
Speciality: Settings/Parameters, Custom Fonts, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

21. Sipimo – By Atict


  1. Fast loading template
  2. Joomla! 2.5 compatible
  3. Logo text or image
  4. 2 column template
  5. All browsers compatible
  6. Clean business style
  7. Collapsible Module Positions
  8. Fixed width
  9. Table-less and 100% CSS based design
Author: Atict
Compatibility: JOOMLA 2.5
Tags: Personal pages, Internet, Industrial, Business, Clean
Template Features: Settings/Parameters, Fixed width
Useful Links: Details | Demo | Download

If you need help installing a new Template into your existing Joomla Website (remember you can install multiple templates to test view them) please contact me

Favicon Creation

Before I go into why favicons are used and how to make them, here’s a brief review of what they are. When I use the term “favicon” I’m referring to an icon that is associated with a particular website, and which web browsers display in the URL Address Bar or in modern Browsers on the Tabs as well.


Incorporating one into your design is one of those small touches that goes a long way towards improving the overall quality of a website, and it can also have a few smaller benefits for your visitors.

Why use a favicon?

If my clients ask about it, I always tell them the little icon isn’t there just for looks. It has a subtle – yet important – role in building the brand on their website. When a visitor sees one on their website, that can be a strong indicator that they came to the right place – which can also be reassuring in a sense.

But using favicons also serves a more practical purpose as well, at least from your visitor’s perspective. How so? By saving people time when browsing the Internet.

It’s the same principle that applies elsewhere on your website. When you look at a web page, your eyes notice an image before the text surrounding it. So when I’m looking through my folders and folders of bookmarks, looking for the favicons of the websites I’ve filed away helps me find what I’m looking for that much quicker.

In the image I used above, you can see what I mean. When a website doesn’t use a favicon, your web browser will use a little blank page icon next to the website’s name in your bookmarks list. If you get enough of these in a column, then it becomes a bit tedious to sift through all of them to find the website you’re looking for.

But if a website does use a favicon, it makes it all the more easier and quicker to look through a list of bookmarks and find then one that you’re looking for, because your eye will notice the colorful favicons before it does the text of each bookmark’s name and the blank icons surrounding it.

Making a favicon

A favicon is a special file that ends in an .ICO extention, so you can’t just use any old image. But you can use your own image and then convert it in an .ICO file.
Images could be:

  • Your Company Logo
  • An Image representing your Company or Business
  • An Image with your Initials
  • A Drawing or ANY other Image

Favicons are 16 pixels by 16 pixels in dimension, so you want to be sure that when you’re designing your icon, whatever your including will actually be readable. Again, this is why so many favicons are simply the logo of the organization or business.

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Register and Protect Your Domain Name from Cybersquatters

If you own a trademark or registered business name and find that someone is holding it hostage as a domain name until you pay a large sum for it, you may be the victim of cybersquatting. Learn what to do if this happens to you.

What Is Cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting is registering, selling or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark. It generally refers to the practice of buying up domain names that use the names of existing businesses with the intent to sell the names for a profit to those businesses.

The History of Cybersquatting

The practice that’s come to be known as cybersquatting originated at a time when most businesses were not savvy about the commercial opportunities on the Internet. Some entrepreneurial souls registered the names of well-known companies as domain names, with the intent of selling the names back to the companies when they finally woke up. Panasonic, Fry’s Electronics, Hertz and Avon were among the “victims” of cybersquatters. Opportunities for cybersquatters are rapidly diminishing, because most businesses now know that nailing down domain names is a high priority.

Recognizing Cybersquatting

How do you know if the domain name you want is being used by a cybersquatter? Follow these steps to find out.

Check where the domain name takes you. As a general rule, first check to see if the domain name takes you to a website. If it does not take you to a functioning website, but instead takes you to a site stating “this domain name for sale,” or “under construction,” or “can’t find server,” the likelihood increases that you are dealing with a cybersquatter. The absence of a real site may indicate that the domain name owner’s only purpose in buying the name is to sell it back to you at a higher price.

Of course, absence of a website does not always mean the presence of a cybersquatter. There may also be an innocent explanation and the domain name owner may have perfectly legitimate plans to have a website in the future.

If the domain takes you to a functioning website that is comprised primarily of advertisements for products or services related to your trademark, you may also have a case of cybersquatting. For example, if your company is well-known for providing audio-visual services and the website you encounter is packed with ads for other company’s audio-visual services, the likelihood is very strong that the site is operated by a cybersquatter who is trading off your company’s popularity to sell Google ads to your competitors.

If the domain name takes you to a website that appears to be functional, has a reasonable relation to the domain name, but does not compete with your products or services, you probably aren’t looking at a case of cybersquatting. For example, if your trademark is “Moby Dick” for fine art dealing with whaling, and the website you encounter (www.mobydick.com) is for road cleaning machines, you do not have a case of cybersquatting. You may, under certain circumstances, have a case of trademark infringement.What to Do If the Domain Name You Want Is Taken

Contact the domain name registrant. Before jumping to any conclusions, contact the domain name registrant. To find the name and address of a domain name owner, you can use the “WHOIS Lookup” at whois.net. Find out whether there is a reasonable explanation for the use of the domain name, or if the registrant is willing to sell you the name at a price you are willing to pay.

Pay, if it makes sense. Sometimes, paying the cybersquatter is the best choice. It may cheaper and quicker than filing a lawsuit or initiating an arbitration hearing.

What You Can Do to Fight a Cybersquatter

A victim of cybersquatting has two options:

  • sue under the provisions of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), or
  • use an international arbitration system created by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Trademark experts consider the ICANN arbitration system to be faster and less expensive than suing under the ACPA, and the procedure does not require an attorney.

Using the ICANN Procedure

In 1999, ICANN adopted and began implementing the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDNDRP), a policy for resolution of domain name disputes. This international policy results in an arbitration of the dispute, not litigation. An action can be brought by any person who complains (referred to by ICANN as the “complainant”) that:

  • a domain name is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which the complainant has rights
  • the domain name owner has no rights or legitimate interests in the domain name, and
  • the domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith.

All of these elements must be established in order for the complainant to prevail. If the complainant prevails, the domain name will be canceled or transferred to the complainant. However, financial remedies are not available under the UDNDRP. Information about initiating a complaint is provided at the ICANN website.

Suing Under the ACPA

The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) authorizes a trademark owner to sue an alleged cybersquatter in federal court and obtain a court order transferring the domain name back to the trademark owner. In some cases, the cybersquatter must pay money damages.

In order to stop a cybersquatter, the trademark owner must prove all of the following:

  • the domain name registrant had a bad-faith intent to profit from the trademark
  • the trademark was distinctive at the time the domain name was first registered
  • the domain name is identical or confusingly similar to the trademark, and
  • the trademark qualifies for protection under federal trademark laws — that is, the trademark is distinctive and its owner was the first to use the trademark in commerce.

Defenses to ACPA lawsuits. If the accused cybersquatter demonstrates that he had a reason to register the domain name other than to sell it back to the trademark owner for a profit, then a court will probably allow him to keep the domain name.

To see if a domain name is still available, click here


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